November 12

How To Find & Win More Group Meeting Sales [Webinar]

Last week at #SoMeT13US, I had the opportunity to share my take on a key tourism sales and marketing strategy that I think all destinations should be deploying immediately. I talked about how DMOs and CVBs could find and win the invisible sales lead by leveraging proven social selling techniques. I thought you might find it interesting too, so today I’m releasing the entire talk here on the Converse Digital blog.

Webinar Description

Today self-educating meeting planners are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and rewriting the rules of Group Meetings sales. They remain invisible until they get to a point of developing a short list, then and only then do they reach out to speak to a sales person – thus cutting your CVB’s sales force out of the destination selection process. If your CVB isn’t deploying a content rich, online platform — you’re likely missing sales opportunities that you don’t even know about because prospective meeting planners aren’t finding you and thus, can’t put you on their short list.

This webinar will help you understand this disruptive dynamic and how to counter this new reality. I will share a detailed strategic and tactical framework that your destination or hotel can use to help these invisible buyers provide trackable, online buying signals that your sales teams can leverage to shorten the sales cycle and put heads in your destination’s beds.

Key Topics Covered

The webinar breaks down into a handful of key learning objectives. These are:

  1. Key statistics proving the existence of invisible meeting planner buyers
  2. A proposed solution – Painless Prospecting
  3. Propinquity — a definition and explanation of this key strategic scientific theory
  4. Propinquity Points — a definition of each
  5. Propinquity Mapping — a simple, step-by-step process to identify key propinquity points
  6. Funnel Optimized Websites — what are they and how do you build them

And finally — and probably most importantly — I discuss why “owning Google search rankings” isn’t the silver bullet you think it is and offer an alternative approach that is easier and possibly more effective in generating qualified sales leads for your destination.

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We’re sorry but this webinar is no longer available. 

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