Who We Are

We Are a Voice of Reason in a Sea of Hyperbole 

We’re an agency for organizations and people that want to discover the future without repeating the past. The ones bored to tears by a steady stream of one-off ideas that burn budgets but don’t move the bottomline. Companies thirsting for ideas and executions that will fundamentally alter the competitive landscape. People that don’t need another short-term promotional push snatching the low-hanging fruit. Businesses trying to hone in on a long-term strategy that creates repeatable growth. And salespeople that want to turn conversations into customers.

Inspiration. Explanation. Activation.

That's our role in your sales & marketing world.  We help you see that people don't share the best carefully-crafted storyline or top-tier production. They share what resonates with them the most. Then, we help you discover what’s shareable and create it at scale.


Small. Nimble. Senior. Smart. Daring. Creative. Innovative. Committed.

We’ll never be a big agency, and that’s perfectly ok with us. Big is slow, cumbersome and predictable. Big is safe and status quo. Big worries more about getting fired than getting hired. And rehired. And rehired. And rehired… by clients dying to give the agency yet another sales or marketing challenge to successfully solve.

we’ll always do what’s right for your business. 

Doing great shit… dreaming up amazing ideas others can’t even fathom… solving the problems that keep you up at night and creating outcomes that we can point to and say, “yea, we did that.” It’s why we get out of bed in the morning. It’s why we saddle up to the laptop. It’s why we want to work with you. Because in our thinking, that's far more motivating than how many commas and zeros were on your last fee check.

Meet Our Team

tom martin


jill norman

creative director

Quinn Dantagnan

CRM Manager

Which just leaves one question.
Are you ready?

If you are, drop us a line via the form and we'll schedule a time to chat.