PowerPoint Presentations That Change Minds

Leverage scientifically-based PowerPoint slide design to improve message clarity, information retention, and effectiveness to ensure every presentation you deliver is pitch perfect.

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PowerPoint Presentations That Will Blow Your Audience Away

Do you struggle to create effective, engaging PowerPoint presentations?

You're not alone! Research shows creating powerful PowerPoint presentations is one of the biggest challenges communicators face today.

And it's not your fault. Without formal design and communication architecture training, it's a challenge to create presentations that truly resonate and convince. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. We're here to bridge that gap. Book one of our workshops, where we'll co-create your Perfect Pitch deck alongside you, applying scientific design principles for maximum impact. Or, for those who prefer to focus on their core strengths, let us take the reins. Our team will design a Perfect Pitch presentation, ensuring your ideas are heard, felt, and remembered.

Isn't it time you transformed your presentations from routine to remarkable with presentations that...


The average person can focus their attention for about 20 minutes, give or take, depending on how enjoyable they find the task at hand. But, attention spans quickly shrink when we are bored, confused, or frustrated with a presentation.

Lower their cognitive workload

Properly designed slides leverage visual language to build mental pictures while simultaneously directing the audience to focus on the key information needed to persuade them to adopt the recommended action or idea.

create Precision memory

Research shows that on average, after 48 hours, people will only remember 10 percent of your presentation. Hence, the persuasive presenter must determine what 10% needs memorization and then design their deck to tilt the odds in their favor.

motivate them to take action

How many sales have you lost? How many initiatives have you championed that never got started? How many game-changing ideas have you proposed that never had a chance because of your poorly designed PowerPoint? 

do your presentation decks suffer from any of these fatal flaws?

  • Lack of a clear presentation goal supported by an easy-to-follow presentation argument or theme 
  • Text-heavy slides containing pretty much every word you utter
  • Confusing use of visuals or too many visuals on a slide creating an unprofessional image
  • Lack of logical color coordination — not just brand colors for major sections like backgrounds, footers, headers, fonts, etc, but more importantly, using colors to indicate things like contrasting ideas and concepts
  • Inconsistent Charts & Graphs  where key information or data points reference names/colors change from slide to slide based on who created the chart or graph or what theme a slide was initially created using
  • Poorly applied animations that slow the you down and/or distract the audience from your key message(s)
  • Failure to clearly demonstrate how your idea, solution, product, or service will benefit the audience

If your PowerPoint slides suffer from three or more fatal design flaws, chances are, unless you’re a TED-level presenter, you're probably losing opportunities and/or revenue that a well-designed pitch deck could help you win.

Become The Presenter everyone Loves to hear

Create the Ultimate Sales Deck

We'll deliver a master Perfect Pitch presentation template file containing every slide you'll ever need to convey your message, along with blank templates for future messages. 

Separate Signal from Noise

We'll review your past presentations to isolate the signal — the key message points —  currently buried inside the noise of unnecessary slides and content. 

Define Key Talk Tracks

We'll define the key message(s), the logic trail the audience will follow, and the optimum content sequence required to consistently produce the most successful outcomes.

Define Your 10% Slide Content

Science shows your audience will only remember 10% of your presentation. We'll design your Perfect Pitch template to improve the odds they'll remember the correct 10%.

Optimize Your  Design Palette

Utilizing your brand colors and graphic standards, we'll optimize the application of color and design to improve your audience's ability to understand and retain your key message points.

Presentation Training

Our expert coaches will teach you how to leverage storytelling, body language, and presentation cadence to deliver  presentations that persuade audiences to take action.

Choose How Much Help You want

single-Day Workshop

Elevate your team's persuasion skills with our engaging on-site workshop, specially designed for communications professionals. Working from one of your existing presentations, we'll walk through the science as we apply it in real-time as we transform and enhance your pitch to improve its communication effectiveness. And when we're finished, you'll not only have an improved pitch deck, your entire team will leave better prepared to make every presentation they create more persuasive and effective.

Outsourced Design

Transform your pitch with our premium presentation redesign service, where we revolutionize your existing presentation to achieve unprecedented levels of influence and effectiveness. Tailored to your brand, our scientifically-enhanced redesign guarantees a more effective and memorable delivery. And our 90-minute training session ensures your team is fully prepared to captivate with every slide they present. Don't just revise slides; redefine how your ideas are seen and remembered.

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What others are saying about perfect Pitch

In 30 years of sales, I've never heard anyone talk about PowerPoint deck design this way. 

S. Turner

Senior Vice President Convention Sales and Strategies

That was the most effective PowerPoint presentation I've ever given.  Thanks! 

D. Howe

Marketing Director

The Client approved my proposal on the very first presentation. That NEVER happens! 

M. Dawson

Advertising Agency Executive

frequently asked questions: 

Is this an online course or do you work with me to build my slide deck?

Perfect Pitch is a consultative service delivered through face-to-face or virtual meetings with you and your team. Our Workshop Option is designed for organizations with a specific pitch deck they wish to improve while learning how to apply our scientific approach to building additional internal and external decks themselves. For those organizations that primarily want to improve their essential sales deck or decks, we offer a fully outsourced design option that includes an optional sales training module explaining how best to deliver the new and improved pitch deck. In the future, we hope to provide online video-based learning options for people or organizations that just want to learn how to apply the Perfect Pitch approach to all of their internal and external presentation decks. You can click here to be notified when we launch this option. 

How much does a perfect pitch workshop cost?

Perfect Pitch Workshop costs are based on a host of options, including but not limited to, workshop destination, trainer availability, number of presentations to redesign and total number of workshop attendees. Typically, workshop investment is between $5,000 and $25,000 based on agreed upon scope. 

How long does it take to create a perfect pitch

While no two Perfect Pitch engagements are the same, on average, we will need between four and six weeks to help you craft the perfect pitch deck and train you to use it effectively. 

How much does a Perfect pitch deck cost

It depends on how many different audiences you target, how many slides we need to redesign, and how many people will use the final Perfect Pitch deck. Our cost structure is based on an initial development fee + per-person licensing fees. On average clients spend $750 per finished slide for all strategic messaging architecture, consultation, design, and presentation delivery training for a 50-slide Perfect Pitch deck. 

What if I hire new people who didn't attend your perfect pitch training

We create a custom, video-based online sales training course hosted inside our learning center for organizations that select the fully outsourced design option. As you onboard new salespeople, they purchase the course using a company credit card. Once they've completed the online course, they schedule their 45-minute individual coaching session with our expert presentation delivery trainers. We can also require the completion of a certification exam to ensure content mastery for those clients who want an added level of confidence that their new sales team members can deliver a Perfect Pitch. 

Ready to get started? 

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