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Painless Prospecting is our exclusive Social Selling framework to help B2B & B2C Sales Teams augment their current traditional approaches with proven Social Selling techniques. From helping you find the Invisible Buyer to Lead Nurturing and finally Social Selling via social networks, our 12-month sales training program helps your sales team develop new habits that will improve their ability to close the Invisible Sale.

 Social Selling is a habit not a workshop.

Sales Training Program

  • Social Selling Workshop: A 3-4 hour onsite, hands on workshop with your sales teams. The goal of this workshop is to open the Sales Team’s minds to the options available to them and create support for testing a social prospecting approach to lead generation.
    • Pre-Workshop conference call or video conference with your team to gauge their level of digital & social media knowledge, current usage levels and fears or hesitations with social selling
    • Custom Designed 3-4 hour workshop based on the input
    • Attendance at a pre-workshop function to break the ice with the sales team and establish a rapport between them and our team to facilitate a more powerful workshop
    • Conduct the workshop
    • Recorded file of workshop – audio and any slides used – synchronized and delivered as a .MOV or .MPEG file to you for unlimited internal use
  • Basic Training: Over 66 days, your team will attend FIVE 30-45 minute webinars covering each major social platform and one dedicated to the art of Email Lead Nurturing. These webinars will provide detailed training on two facets of each platform. First we will cover the technical use of the networks such as “How to create a LinkedIn Group.” Second we will cover the sales techniques for maximizing your sales team’s social selling approach such as “How do I respond to a question posed in a LinkedIn Group appropriately?” Each webinar will be recorded and available for download and unlimited internal use for your sales teams. Webinars will be scheduled to occur approximately once every 10 days and will be scheduled in advance on mutually acceptable dates. Client determines the order of scheduling. Specific webinars will include:
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • Email Lead Nurturing

Why 66 days? Because psychological research shows that new habit development takes between 18-244 days depending on the complexity of the new habit. But on average, it takes 66 days to develop a new habit.

  • Habit Reinforcement Program: After the Boot Camp Training, we continue to follow up with your sales team to prompt and remind them of the habitual change you’re trying to create. This will take the form of “check in” emails from our team to request updates, offer additional support and advice as well as requesting “success stories” from the team. In other cases, we’ll send articles, white papers, and other digital content designed to reinforce key program points, educate your team on new platforms and tools or case studies of other sales teams’ success with Social Selling.

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