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When you want to improve your ability to prospect, nurture and close high quality prospects, let us help you.

Tom Martin has forgotten more about business development, prospecting, lead generation and lead nurturing than most of us will ever know. It's equal parts science and magic, and he has both in spades. Highly recommended.


Jay Baer, Serial agency owner advising the world’s most iconic brands. NY Times Best Selling author.

All of our business development training is customized for your agency. Whether you're looking for on-demand courses, personal one-on-one coaching, budget-friendly virtual webinars to enhance specific business development weaknesses, or one-day workshops where we'll rapid prototype your new Painless Prospecting program, we have a resource for you.


One-on-one coaching

An On-Demand Director of Business Development

Imagine having access to over 20 years of agency business development knowledge and experience, readily available for your use whenever you need it. That’s precisely what our one-on-one business development coaching offers. Delivered face-to-face, virtually via Zoom, and also through email and phone, this coaching program provides a unique blend of flexibility and accessibility. With Tom’s guidance, insights, and advice, you will navigate your agency’s growth journey with confidence and clarity.

agency business development personal coaching



One-Day Intensive Business Development Program Building

Every agency needs an edge. Get yours by booking one of our meticulously crafted One-Day Business Development Workshops and redefine how your team approaches growth. Discover the beauty of Painless Prospecting, learn how to conduct Social Reconnaissance, revolutionize your approach to prospecting with 'Networking at Scale', and ditch the sleaze with our proprietary 'Sell Greatly' approach. We even decode LinkedIn 101, turning it into a powerhouse of prospecting. But we don't stop at the workshop.

But the journey doesn't stop there. With post-workshop coaching, we ensure that these complex processes become an effortless part of your team's DNA. And, with our comprehensive Online Learning Center, every employee, not just the workshop attendees, can achieve mastery. Invest in this game-changing experience - the returns are monumental.

agency business development personal coaching


Business Development Webinars

Learn how to win The Invisible Sale & Sell Greatly -- in your underwear

All of our business development training programs have been adapted to fit the small screen, so your teams can access them from the road or the office. We utilize innovative visual design, proven delivery methods and attention science to ensure your team doesn't lose interest or fall victim to their second screen. 

Whether you need a one-off webinar, series or a fully-customized customized, trackable online course, we have a solution to fit your timeline and budget.

agency business development webinars


painless prospecting course

Learn How to Become Known For Knowledge & Grow Your Agency

This is the ULTIMATE business development Master Class for advertising, public relations, and digital agencies that are tired of relying on referrals or invitations to "pitches" to grow the agency. And unlike other courses that only teach, in this Master Class, we walk with you side-by-side as together, we build YOUR Painless Prospecting platform piece by piece.

That's right when you complete the class, you won't just know HOW to build a Painless Prospecting platform; you'll have already completed one that is ready to start creating leads for your agency 24/7/365. 

Painless Prospecting for Agencies includes over 7 1/2 hours of recorded video learning combined with 4 hours of ONE-ON-ONE LIVE INSTRUCTION, and you'll receive copies of the Propinquity Mapping, and BSGC Proposal Builder Templates.

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