Tom Martin – Keynote Speaker

Tom Martin – Keynote Speaker

Is your company, group or conference looking for an insightful, dynamic and informative keynote speaker for your next event?

Tom’s message is focused on helping your attendees improve their persuasion skills at every level and can be customized to your audience. So whether you’re trying to help your employees become more persuasive when selling their ideas so they can be more successful, happier and productive; or improve your sales teams’ persuasion skills to close more deals; or help your marketing teams understand how to better persuade today’s self-educating buyers, Tom’s message always delivers.

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Who is Tom Martin?

Tom is a no nonsense, straight-talking 25-year veteran of the advertising, marketing & sales business who favors stiff drinks, good debates and helping organizations grow their businesses.

Tom marries his two passions, marketing & technology, to teach companies how to leverage digital sales & marketing channels to achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception and painlessly prospect for new customers with proven social selling techniques combined with his Sell Greatly, relationship first approach to helping others make buying decisions that favor his clients products and services.

His first book, The Invisible Sale, presents his vision of a digitally centric, content powered sales and marketing world, where prospective buyers seek perfect information at the detriment of established brands. And his live performances bring both the book and his passion to your conference or meeting to ensure you’re attendees leave prepared to win more customers in this self-educating buyer world.

Engaging Speaker with Digital, Social, and Mobile Technology Expertise

Tom Martin is one of the few people who can deliver both information and entertainment to a crowd of any size wishing to learn and be engaged around digital, social and mobile technology. He has expert-level insights and experience, has a practical business approach to using the technologies at hand and delivers knowledge in a way that holds the audience’s attention and gets their brains working. He’s a great speaker.

– Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer, LLC

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