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Tom’s message is focused on helping your attendees believe that they can challenge long-held beliefs and rules of thumb. Through a combination or self-effacing humor, well told stories that demonstrate key points and a passion that shines through every presentation, Tom takes your audience on a journey of discovery that they'll thank you for afterwards. So whether you’re trying to help your audience understand how to find invisible sales opportunities, prospect and nurture self-educating buyers, turn customers into social agents or teach your sales teams how to Sell Greatly... Tom has the perfect sales or marketing strategy talk for your next event. 

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A Truly Compelling, Relatable, and Engaging Keynote Speaker

Tom is a compelling speaker who truly engages audiences. He knows his stuff (that’s a given!)... but more than that, he relates his topic very well to those listening to him. And he’s fun to listen to. In other words, I love a TomTalk! 

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Tom Martin is a very captivating keynote speaker that engages his audience with insightful information delivered with a touch of humor. He intrigues his audience; when he speaks to a group of people, each person pays attention because he or she feels as if he is speaking directly to them.

Tracey Jardins, Greater Palm Springs CVB

Tom’s versatility as a speaker is unmatched. Whether instructing on professional topics, such as sales, marketing or social media, or speaking on inspirational topics Tom really brings it.

Tom is a dynamic speaker who does a wonderful job of being both informative and inspirational all at once. Your group won’t be disappointed with Tom at the podium!

Will Scott, CEO Search Influence
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Tom Martin

Tom is a no nonsense, straight-talking 30-year veteran of the advertising, marketing & sales business who favors stiff drinks, good debates and helping organizations inspire their people to grow.

He marries his two passions, persuasion & technology, to teach individuals and companies how to leverage digital sales & marketing channels to achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception and painlessly prospect for new customers with proven social selling techniques based on his Sell Greatly, relationship first approach to helping prospects make buying decisions.

His first book, The Invisible Sale, presents his vision of a digitally centric, content powered sales and marketing world, where prospective buyers seek perfect information at the detriment of established brands. And his live performances bring both the book and his passion to your conference or meeting and will ensure you're attendees leave prepared to win more customers in this self-educating buyer world.