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Teaching audiences How to turn Conversations Into Customers

showing audiences how to connect old dots in new ways

When it's time to challenge your audience to think differently about their approach to sales and marketing, it's time for a Tom Talk. Through a combination of self-effacing humor, well-told stories, and a passion that shines through every presentation, Tom teaches audiences how to leverage digital marketing channels to achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception and painlessly prospect for new customers.

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The Invisible Sale

A MUST-READ for any marketing and sales team

I was moved to purchase this book after being blown away by Tom's talk at the Copyblogger Authority conference. It did not disappoint.

Tom Martin rips down the communication barrier between sales and marketing teams in this easy-to-digest look at how both teams can work together to attract, measure, and close prospects in today's online landscape.

If you feel overwhelmed trying to map your marketing efforts against your sales process, I cannot recommend this book enough. It will all not only magically "click" after reading this, but you'll be full of ideas and have a roadmap for implementation.

- Kerry Jones

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Is your audience ready for a Tom talk?

If they're dying to learn how to leverage digital marketing channels to achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception, or painlessly prospect for new customers, drop your email and phone below and we'll set up an initial call. Or if you're rather cut right to the chase, click here to schedule a Zoom Call with Tom right now. 


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My Most popular Talks

While I'm always happy to customize a talk for your unique needs, over the years I've found meeting and event planners consistently tell me how much their audiences enjoy these talks. Once we've agreed upon the right talk for your event, I'll then micro-customize it with examples and stories that ensure your audience finds both highly relevant. 

Commodity Selling Keynote Talk by Tom Martin Professional Speaker

From Vending Machine to Florist

Redefining Your Role in Selling Commodity Products

Explore the holy trinity of commodity purchase decisions: convenience, relationship, and price to demonstrate how the salesperson is, and will always be, the secret ingredient in any successful commodity-selling recipe.

We'll delve into the art of building trust-based relationships with customers by highlighting the importance of growing big ears, networking at scale, and leveraging technology to relieve or create buying process friction that guarantees long-term customer loyalty. 

* General selling and professional services sales versions are also available.

Experiences are the Soundtrack of Life Keynote Talk by Tom Martin

the soundtrack of our life

leveraging visitor experiences to drive visitation

Engaging, insightful, and brimming with actionable strategies, this keynote talk offers a compelling narrative for sales and marketing executives in the tourism industry; illuminating the profound power of memories in shaping the tourism landscape. 

Attendees will learn how the strategic orchestration of 'Incidental Propinquity' turns visitors into impassioned Social Agents for their destination, restaurant, hotel, or attraction, prompting your audience to re-evaluate and enrich their visitor experience strategy. Empower your attendees to become the conductors of their own symphony, crafting the soundtrack of unforgettable journeys. 

A World Without Sales Prospects Keynote by Tom Martin

a world without prospects

Becoming Known for Knowledge to win the invisible sale

Today's self-educating buyers are hiding behind the anonymity of Google searches, the privacy of social media platforms, and an abundance of free digital content to conduct pre-purchase research and make buying decisions the way humans have always preferred — without advertising puffery or pushy salespeople.

But what would seem a negative is actually the biggest opportunity in the history of sales & marketing. In this poignant, informative, and entertaining keynote, Tom takes the audience on a journey of discovery starting with the day Hurricane Katrina destroyed his company in 2005 and ending with his founding of Converse Digital after the tweet that changed his world. Along the way, he'll explain how the power of Propinquity — the science of relationship formation — social agency and taco trucks will ensure your audience never wakes up in a world without prospects.

Turning Conversations Into Customers Sales Keynote Talk by Tom Martin

turning conversations into customers

selling for those that hate to sell

In a world where professionals often dislike selling and believe they are not good at it, Tom inspires and empowers them to embrace sales prospecting with confidence and enthusiasm. By reframing the conversation from selling to helping, Tom guides the audience towards a more rewarding and effective Painless Prospecting journey free of cold calls and unsolicited emails. 

If your audience is tired of the traditional, high-pressure sales methods that yield mediocre results, Tom will equip them with the mindset, skills, and strategies to excel by consistently creating conversations that convert to new customers.

The Power of Preference Agency Business Development Keynote Talk by Tom Martin

the power of preference

How to harness the science of Propinquity, Likability, and Persuasion to create the agency brand clients can’t wait to hire

In this transformational keynote, Tom takes the audience on a journey built around uncommon thoughts and groundbreaking ideas that will revolutionize their approach to business development. Learn how successful agencies Painlessly Prospect by igniting curiosity, fostering likability, and inspiring unwavering loyalty in clients. Dive into the science of human preferences and decision-making, learn how to build meaningful connections based on trust, and become known for knowledge to create Top-of-Mind-Preference. 

Tom Martin

Tom is a no-nonsense, straight-talking 30-year veteran of the advertising, marketing & sales business who favors stiff drinks, good debates, and helping organizations inspire their people to grow.

He marries his two passions, persuasion & technology, to teach individuals and companies how to leverage digital sales & marketing channels to achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception, and painlessly prospect for new customers with proven social selling techniques based on his Sell Greatly, relationship first approach to helping prospects make buying decisions.

His book, The Invisible Sale, presents his vision of a digitally-centric, content-powered sales and marketing world, where prospective buyers seek perfect information at the detriment of established brands. And his live performances bring both the book and his passion to your conference or meeting and will ensure your attendees leave prepared to win more customers in this self-educating buyer world.