Never Make a Cold Call Again!

Learn how to predictably and reliably generate qualified leads for your company -- even if you hate traditional sales prospecting methodologies.

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Finally, the sales prospecting program for solopreneurs who hate sales prospecting.

Sales prospecting -- it's the one thing we all hate as business owners.. It makes us feel sleazy, like a used car salesman pushing too hard to close the deal. What if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? With this course, you'll learn how to prospect while you sleep.

You didn't earn a degree in sales prospecting. Heck, you might not even like it. Chances are you feel like you're downright terrible at it, too.

Am I right?

You've spent your life learning, crafting and perfecting your specific skillset. In fact, you're so good at what 
you do, you've decided it's time to hang a shingle.

But now you have to sell yourself and your services.


Sales prospecting doesn't have to be painful or make you feel slimy. With the right approach, a few simple digital tools, and a carefully crafted plan, you can literally prospect while you sleep.

I know, because that's exactly how I built Converse Digital. I tossed aside everything I'd done over 15 years in the advertising business development world, and I replaced it with an entirely new system called Painless Prospecting.

Using the system, I became known for knowledge . This resulted in highly qualified leads just showing up in my inbox almost positive they already wanted to work with me and my agency. 

And I did it all without a single cold call, cold email, advertising or any traditional outbound sales prospecting. Period. 

Are you ready for that world? The world of Painless Prospecting? If so, you're in the right place because in this Master Class, I'm going to teach you EVERYTHING I did to achieve this sales nirvana and build a highly successful boutique agency.

Painless Prospecting for Solopreneurs

In this course, I'm teaching you everything I've learned and perfected over the last decade via a single online Master Class that you take at your pace. Each module is a course in and of itself. And when you combine all four, you get the most comprehensive, detailed, and actionable sales prospecting course for solopreneurs available today!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The next session officially launches on May 1st. You'll receive a notification the Master Class is LIVE and ready for you to begin your journey to a world of painless prospecting.

The course is broken into four modules --  three to five chapters in each module with an average of two to three lessons per chapter. And finally, what I personally consider the most valuable part of the class -- ONLY AVAILABLE TO PRE-REGISTERED STUDENTS -- is an exclusive module called The Mistakes I've Made.

I'm going to come clean and tell you all of the things I did wrong, in hopes that you don't fall victim to the same mistakes and setbacks that almost cost me my company on multiple occasions.

Tools of the Trade

I'll take you through my recommended list of tools for creating every kind of content you'll need to power your Painless Prospecting program. These are the same exact tools I use daily to power my own sales funnel. 

Google Proof Your Prospecting

Google will always be your number one source of referrals.  The problem is they're continually changing the rules, which can and will cost you leads. After completing this course, you'll have the knowledge to stay ahead of the Google curve.

Cold Calling With Content

Learn how to cold call without ever picking up a phone. Use digital tools to generate more qualified leads that convert at a rate traditional cold calling can only dream about.

Prospecting While You Sleep

Every minute you spend prospecting is a minute you're not generating revenue, and that's a problem. After investing the time to build and launch your Painless Prospecting machine, it will prospect on your behalf tirelessly all day and night without ever needing a break.

Here’s what people are saying about my

painless prospecting approach

Don't take my word for it. While this Master Class is brand new, I've been teaching Painless Prospecting for over a decade through webinars and sales training. 

Trent Dyrsmid

Trent Dyrsmid


Makes client attraction easier than ever before

Love Tom's Painless Prospecting System. In other words, if you do content right, clients will be attracted to you and you won’t have to work so hard. Who doesn't want that?

Jeannie Walters

Jeannie Walters

CEO/Founder of Experience Investigators

OMG! Why aren’t we doing it THIS way??

Have you ever experienced that moment when you THOUGHT you were doing something right, only to realize you could do it so, so much better? That’s the moment I kept having while I was learning about Painless Prospecting for The Invisible Sale. 

Fran Stephenson

Fran Stephenson

Principal, Step In Communication

Tom’s got the business track record to back up everything in this course

He's generated double digit growth year over year during the worst recession of our time. Need I say more?

Here's What You'll Receive

The entire course is divided into four modules. 


Module 1: Introduction & Terms

This is the shortest, but most critical module. In this module, I introduce you to the Painless Prospecting concept, I'll explain what you should expect from the course, and I'll define the key terms you'll hear me use over and over again throughout the course. 


Module 2: Tools of the Trade

Painless Prospecting is all about becoming known for knowledge and cold calling with content. In this module, we'll focus on learning about the tools, software, and approaches you'll need to understand to create compelling text, photo, video, email, podcast, and webinar content quickly and easily using the devices you probably already have at your disposal. We'll also talk about the value of a good CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) and I'll share the ones I have used and currently deploy to power my own Painless Prospecting program.


Module 3: The Painless Prospecting Program

In this module, we'll get down to brass tacks. I'll show you how to get known for knowledge, map your Propinquity Points, Google-Proof your program, and show you how to efficiently curate and create more content than you ever thought possible while still leaving you plenty of time to do the work your customers and clients expect.


Module 4: Selling Greatly

Once you've created that qualified prospect, it's time to nurture them and ultimately close the deal. In this module, I'll show you how to use Aikido Selling to quickly understand how to approach the process of selling a prospect and then I'll show you how to use the 5Ps of my Sell Greatly process to build trust with that prospect - trust that lets you consistently and reliably turn simple conversations into new customers.

Still not sure? Why not sample a few minutes of Tom talking about his vision of a world in which sales prospecting is truly painless?


but that's not all

While I've packed a ton of helpful content in each and every module, I've included a little lagniappe too!

Bonus 1
My Book: The Invisible Sale

Every student will receive an autographed copy of my sales prospecting field guide, The Invisible Sale. It's a great companion to the course and an important reference piece.

Bonus 2
Members Only LinkedIn Group

Lifetime Membership in our Painless Prospecting for Solopreneurs group where you can ask questions of me and other Solopreneurs to help you sustain your Painless Prospecting efforts long after you complete the course. 

Bonus 3
FREE Lifetime Updates

The world is always changing, that's why I'm going to continue to update the course with new content, new modules and new lessons. And while new students will pay a higher price, current students will get access 100% free of charge for life.  

A Little Bit About Your Course Instructor

Tom pioneered Painless Prospecting and the concept of becoming known for knowledge to consistently drive qualified inbound leads that convert.

In 2014 Tom codified his approach in his first book, The Invisible Sale, so  solopreneurs like him could build their own Painless Prospecting system. He's taught thousands of business leaders on four different continents the secrets of turning conversations into customers and built Converse Digital into a highly successful boutique agency that consistently generates six-figure PROFITS every year.

Tom Martin Social Selling Keynote Speaker and Sell Greatly Sales Trainer

Here’s what people are saying about Tom

Over the last decade, thousands of people just like you have learned from Tom and this is what they had to say about him as a teacher.

Jay Baer - Convince & Convert

Jay Baer

Founder, Convince & Convert

If you can only take one course this year

Tom Martin has forgotten more about prospecting and B2B lead gen and lead nurturing than most of us will ever know. It's equal parts science and magic, and he has both in spades. Highly recommended.

Karen Swim

SoloPR Summit Attendee

"All in" for Tom's Actionable Advice

From his opening question to his closing summary I was "all in." Most importantly, this is not information that left me with a "conference high" but actually compelled me to take action and put his tips to use. Thanks to Tom I have a clear blueprint for success!

Dasha Runyan

VP Sales Visit Richmond

I sent my entire team

Absolutely love Tom Martin and his training seminars! Thank you, Tom!!!

How much is a new customer worth to you?

Yes, the course is an investment. But it's packed with some serious ROI that will impact your P&L statements. Think about it this way: how much would your business be transformed if you signed a new client as a direct result of completing this course?

How much more money would hit your bank account this year? 

And how much business are you leaving on the table because you don't have a proven system to identify those opportunities and close them as new clients? 

regular course

The entire Painless Prospecting Program



  • Lifetime Access
  • My Mistakes Bonus Module
  • Access to All Modules
  • Free copy of The Invisible Sale
  • Members Only LinkedIn Group
  • FREE course updates for LIFE
Advanced course

The entire course + 1 on 1 coaching



  • Lifetime Access
  • My Mistakes Bonus Module
  • Access to All Modules
  • Free copy of The Invisible Sale
  • Members Only LinkedIn Group
  • FREE course updates for LIFE
  • 1 hour private coaching call

pre-registration closes April 1, 2022

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You missed out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If within 30-days of completing the course you don't feel it's worth every single dollar you spent, just email me, tell me how I can improve it and then I'll refund 100% of your registration fee - no questions asked. 

Let me help you build your Painless Prospecting Machine

There is only one you. And that's the problem with driving business development as a solopreneur. Every minute you spend trying to find new clients or customers is a minute you're not spending making money off your current customers and clients. So it's imperative that your business development program consistently generates new qualified prospects that not only want to talk to you BUT are pretty sure they want to hire you before you ever speak to them. 

So give me a bit of your time and I'll show you how to build a business development program that will ensure you're never without prospects.