Are you ready to ditch the RFP?

I haven't done an RFP in the last 10 years

Converse Digital has become known for knowledge. Prospective clients, acting as invisible buyers, discover that knowledge on the internet, at conferences or via word-of-mouth. 

Knowledge is the new Creative. It drives inbound leads that create conversations that repeatedly convert to new clients for your agency.

So if you're ready to kick the whole RFP process to the curb, let me show you how to Painlessly Prospect for new Clients and how to Sell Greatly once you get an audience with them.

The Keys to Painless Prospecting Success

The Invisible Prospect

Are you living inside your database? If you're only calling on prospective clients you've already identified, you're missing up to 70% of all those businesses searching for new  agencies. 

Creating Propinquity

Over the last 100 years, science has repeatedly shown that Propinquity is the #1 predictive variable of future relationship formation. 

Cornerstones & Cobblestones

You don't have time to work for free, and that's why you need a simple, proven process to quickly and efficiently produce high quality content that will drive leads for your agency. 

Selling Greatly

Clients hire people, not agencies. That's why it's imperative to build your agency biz dev process around the goal of creating and nourishing relationships with key decision makers. 

A Science-Based Client Prospecting Program

Everything you'll learn in this program is 100% tried and tested. The process we teach you is the exact same process we use here at Converse Digital. It's the same process that we've been honing for over a decade. 

We've used this exact process to consistently grow our agency without answering RFPs, competitive pitches, advertising, or cold calling or cold emailing a single prospect.

There is no theory here.

What we use is a battle-tested approach that has consistently produced results year after year.

Class launches December 1, 2021.


You missed out!

Reserve your seat to Painless Prospecting For Agencies now!

You are a mere click away from a less painful way to prospect your way to profits and ensuring there is always a future client walking in from wings, dying for a chance to work with your agency. 

Painless Prospecting for Agencies

This is the business development course for advertising, public relations, and digital agencies that are tired of RFP's. This is the course designed by an agency business development executive, for biz dev executives and agency owners. 

  1. 1
    Introduction to Painless Prospecting will introduce you to the primary concepts and terms that are the heart and soul of a successful Painless Prospecting program. 
  2. 2
    Cold Calling with Content will show you how to create more content than you ever dreamed possible without overburdening your agency's writing/designing resources. Here you'll learn about Cornerstones & Cobblestones and how to link the two in order to liberally spread your thinking around the Interwebs.  
  3. 3
    Painless Prospecting is the module that will show you how to build a sales prospecting machine that works 24-7-365 creating new leads for your agency even while you sleep. Here you'll learn how to define your prospects' Propinquity Points, plan content for those points and then strategically align all of it to lead prospective clients down a cobblestone pathway directly to your inbox. 
  4. 4
    Sell Greatly is where I'll show you how to nurture and close the self-educating prospects that have found their way into your agency's sales funnel. I'll introduce you to the 5P's of selling that virtually guarantee you'll be able to turn any prospect conversation into a new client.
  5. 5
     What's Going to Go Wrong is where I'll open the curtain and show you all of the bumps and bruises I've developed along the way. All of the mistakes I've made, things we could have done better and things we tried and would never do again. It's your chance to get a decade of experience in less than an hour. 

Tom Martin  //  Instructor

I have spent almost 20 years leading agency business development programs for leading advertising agencies and my own agencies.

I've also had the great pleasure of  speaking at numerous agency network conferences including AMI, MCAN and PRSA and I've spoken at BOLO, Inbound, Content Marketing World, MarketingProfs B2B Conference and numerous others. 

And all along I've been on a personal crusade to rid the advertising world of RFPs and agency pitches as a primary business development process. So help me help you by giving me a chance to show you how you too can painless prospect for new clients. 

Join Thousands of Happy Attendees

practical, time tested ideas and strategies

I am constantly looking for resources that will bring practical, time tested ideas and strategies to my agency owners. I can always count on Tom to deliver. His Painless Prospecting methodology has served my agencies well and they continue to get value from Tom’s years of experience and insight!

Drew McLellan  //  CEO, Agency Management Institute

A Highly Valuable Speaker and Consultant

Tom is refreshing, comfortable, and professional teacher that has consistently delivered more than expected when he's spoken at TAAN. His knowledge of the ad business, and insights into the driving business development have been invaluable to the members of TAAN. I highly recommend you consider him as a speaker and consultant.

Peter Gerritsen  //  President at TAAN Worldwide

The Best Time to Start Your Painless Prospecting Program is Now!

Or you can just keep complaining about RFPs, competitive agency pitches and how you lose way more than you win. It's up to you. But for less than the cost of just ONE PITCH, you could finally take control of your agency's business development program and strategically direct your agency's growth over the next 12-18 months.

The first class is limited to 25 agency executives... so pre-register now to hold your spot.

Classes will begin on Dec 1, 2021. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel like Tom taught you a better way to prospect for new clients, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.