From Referrals to Results:

Your New Blueprint for Agency Business Development

stop relying on referrals and rfps

Instead, become known for knowledge that prospective clients, acting as invisible buyers, discover on the internet, at conferences, or via word-of-mouth, and based on the impression that content creates in their minds, they INVITE YOU to talk to them about how you can solve their problems.  

Knowledge is the new Creative. 

It drives inbound leads.

It creates conversations 

It converts prospects into clients.

So if you're ready to stop relying on referrals and RFPs to grow your agency, let me show you how to strategically grow your agency with your Painless Prospecting program and teach you to Sell Greatly once that program produces an opportunity to have a conversation that you can convert to a new client!

The Keys to Painless Prospecting Success

The Invisible Prospect

Are you living inside your database? If you're only calling on prospective clients you've already identified, you're missing up to 70% of all those businesses searching for new  agencies. 

Creating Propinquity

Over the last 100 years, science has repeatedly shown that Propinquity is the #1 predictive variable of future relationship formation. Let us show you how to create and leverage it to drive qualified leads.

Cornerstones & Cobblestones

You don't have time to work for free, and that's why you need a simple, proven process to quickly and efficiently produce high quality content that will drive leads for your agency. 

Selling Greatly

Clients hire people, not agencies. That's why it's imperative to build your agency biz dev process around the goal of creating and nourishing relationships with key decision makers. 

Networking at Scale

Unless it's love at first sight, you will need to nurture prospects over time to build rapport and trust if you want to ultimately get asked to dance together. You need a simple, easy process to do that at scale.  

Painless Negotiations

To be easy to work with, agencies often leave profit on the table. With our BSGC Pricing Template, you'll painlessly negotiate fair & profitable contracts every time. 

All this knowledge can be yours right now!

It's time to take action now and transform your business development program & your bottom line!

you set the schedule 

That's right. Once you enroll, we'll contact you to schedule your EIGHT one-on-one LIVE instructor sessions on the dates and times that work for YOU. 

A Science-Based Prospecting Program

There is no theory here.

Everything you'll learn in this class is rooted in Social, Neurological, and Psychological research. 

Every strategy and tactic we teach you have been 100% tried and tested in our Painless Prospecting program. 

The process we teach you is the same process we use here at Converse Digital. 

The same process that we've been honing for over a decade. 

The exact program we've used to consistently grow our agency over the last 12 years without answering RFPs, participating in competitive pitches, placing paid advertising, making cold calls, or sending cold emails to prospects.

Tom Martin has forgotten more about prospecting, B2B lead generation, and lead nurturing than most of us will ever know. It's equal parts science and magic, and he has both in spades. Highly recommended.

JAy Baer

Marketing and customer experience expert advising the world’s most iconic brands. NY Times Best Selling author.

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LIVE Instructor Support via Weekly Zoom Calls

Painless Prospecting for Agencies

This is the ULTIMATE business development Master Class for advertising, public relations, and digital agencies that are tired of relying on referrals or invitations to "pitches" to grow the agency. And unlike other courses that only teach, in this Master Class, I walk with you side-by-side as together, we build YOUR Painless Prospecting platform piece by piece.

That's right when you complete the class, you won't just know HOW to build a Painless Prospecting platform; you'll have already completed one that is ready to start creating leads for your agency 24/7/365.

Painless Prospecting for Agencies includes over 7 1/2 hours of recorded video learning combined with 4 hours of ONE-ON-ONE LIVE INSTRUCTION, and you'll receive copies of the Propinquity Mapping, and BSGC Proposal Builder Templates. 

While we've designed the course delivery over eight weeks, you can move more quickly or slowly through the content. That's the beauty of our one-on-one delivery — you can learn at your own pace without feeling like you're falling behind or forced to slow down to accommodate fellow participants. 

To see the entire syllabus, click the + sign to expand each module into chapters and each chapter into lessons.

Week 1: Setting Up Your Prospecting Platform


One of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing the Marketing Automation platform to power your Painless Prospecting program. That's why we'll start with the topic in Week 1, so you have plenty of time to research various platforms or decide to start without that technology. And that is completely fine... I didn't add it to my tech stack until almost a decade after launching my agency.

Key Concepts

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What is the Invisible Sale?

Today's prospective clients hide behind the anonymity of a Google Search, private social media platforms, and freely available digital content to research potential agency partners without alerting anyone to the fact they're conducting an agency search.


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What Are Self-Educating Buyers?

Prospects today, have easy access to a wealth of online tools and information. This makes them much less dependent on agency search consultants and agency marketing materials to source the best agency to solve their particular marketing challenges. As a result, your prospective clients are Self-Educating, and they’re postponing face-to-face interactions or phone interactions with you until the latest possible moment in the agency selection process.

What is Top of Mind Preference?

I grew up in a Top-of-Mind-Awareness world — that was the goal because it guaranteed you'd get the call when a prospective client thought about switching agencies. But in today's Invisible Sale, Self-Educating Buyer world, TOMA isn't enough and could help your competitors get the client instead of you. To win today, you have to achieve TOMP.


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Introduction to Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the key to building a frictionless 24/7/365, Painless Prospecting platform that discovers leads while you sleep.

Marketing Automation

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The 6 Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

I'll walk you through the SIX key reasons I believe every Agency needs to invest in a good Marketing Automation platform.

Networking at Scale

According to research, the human brain can only manage an extremely limited number of concurrent relationships effectively. In this lesson, I'll show you how Marketing Automation software helps you surpass this biological limitation to network at scale effectively

Separating Buyer Intent from Interest

The biggest failure of most inbound or content marketing-driven lead generation systems is mistaking Interest for Intent. But, with a few simple hacks, and a little planning, you can automagically identify which website visitors are truly interested vs which are just here for free information or to window shop.

Sales Prospect Outreach Planning

So you have an idea for a new piece of content or maybe a product or service offering you want to sell to clients. In this lesson, I'll show you how to determine if you have a built in audience that is likely to want what you're creating or selling OR if you'll need to build a new audience for that content or product/service.

Sales Pre-Call & Networking Planning

In this lesson I'll show you how Marketing Automation software can help you filter high qualify leads from those that might just be window shopping or worse, casting a very wide net for potential agency partners. Then I'll show you how to use the same data to better prepare for trade shows, conferences, networking events, etc., to make the time and money you invest in those efforts produce a far better ROI.

Why You Need to Invest in Marketing Automation Today

In this lesson, I'll share a few final, but important, thoughts on why Marketing Automation software really is a mission-critical piece of an effective Painless Prospecting system.

Week 2 - Mapping Your Propinquity Points


The law of Propinquity states that the greater the physical (or psychological) proximity between people, the greater the chance they will form friendships or romantic relationships. The theory was first crafted by psychologists Leon Festinger, Stanley Schachter, and Kurt Back in what came to be called the Westgate studies conducted at MIT. I've added two words to the standard definition... first, I believe Virtual Proximity is just as relevant, maybe more so than physical. And I believe business relationships are created the same way as personal ones; thus, Propinquity isn't just the #1 predictive variable in forming personal relationships, but business ones too.


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What is Propinquity?

Propinquity — hard to say, harder to spell, but it literally is the silver bullet to any successful business development program. In this video, I'll introduce you to the word and the science behind it.

Key Concepts

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What Are Embassies & Outposts

All Propinquity Points fall into one of two categories — Embassies and Outposts. In this lesson, I'll explain the difference between the two and how you'll weave both into your Painless Prospecting system.


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Introduction to Defining Your Propinquity Points

Building Propinquity against your most desirable prospects is the key to a successful business development program, so I'll talk in broad strokes about how you will approach defining your Propinquity Points before moving into the actual process.

What Are Propinquity Points?

Now we'll dive into the details — exactly what qualifies as a Propinquity Point?


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How Do You Find Your Propinquity Points?

Now that you know what Propinquity Points are, I'll show you how to find your Propinquity Points — both known places and, more importantly, unknown places where your ideal client prospects hang out.

Using BuzzSumo to Find Your Propinquity Points

In this lesson, I'm going to walk you through a step-by-step process to use BuzzSumo to find potential Propinquity Points for your agency based on your agency's ideal target client.

Using SparkToro To Find Your Propinquity Points

In this lesson I'm going to walk you through a step-by-step process to use SparkToro to find potential Propinquity Points for your agency based on your agency's ideal target client.

Week 3: Cornerstones & Cobblestones


By forcing you to think about your content as an ecosystem, the Cornerstone & Cobblestone framework reduces the work required to produce and distribute high-value content throughout your digital footprint consistently. The reason we all have so much trouble producing the necessary content is that, fundamentally, we’re producing content at the wrong level. When you talk to agencies about their content-creation activities, they speak about individualized content. They talk in terms of blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and any other individualized pieces of content. But what they won’t talk to you about is how they are creating an ecosystem of content. They won’t talk to you about how they’re planning one blog post designed to be an anchor piece, which they will link to and from various blog posts appearing on open or closed platforms where they maintain publishing rights. The power of the Cornerstone and Cobblestone approach is how it evolves your content marketing. More than a process, it's a philosophy you apply to every piece of content you create. No more creating content at the individual unit (blog post/podcast or other single content units). Instead, you approach publishing your content like a mini-campaign. Whether deconstructing a major piece of content, such as a white paper, or writing a single blog post, always look for additional opportunities to repurpose your content and create additional propinquity points.

Key Concepts

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What Are Cornerstones & Cobblestones

The Painless Prospecting system is powered by content... lots of content. Creating Cornerstones & Cobblestones is the solution to producing enough content without overly taxing your agency's existing resources.


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What is 2nd-Click Content?

2nd-Click Content is the secret weapon of every Painless Prospecting system. It's also what allows you to Sell Greatly even if you're not the greatest salesperson.

Creating Your Cornerstones & Cobblestones

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Creating Your Initial Cornerstone Working Document

In this lesson I'll show you how to quickly and easily reverse engineer a potential Cornerstone AND potential Cobblestones using one simple WordPress hack and an equally simple Microsoft Word hack.

Creating Your First Onsite Cobblestone

In this lesson, I'll show you how I use an easy filtering process to quickly craft a brand new, strategically focused blog post for my own website that requires minimal new content creation time.

Creating Your First Offsite Cobblestone

In this lesson, I'll show you how to quickly determine what kind of content you need to craft a guest post for a non-owned blog or website, and then just as quickly and easily find and filter that content out of your initial working doc to create a guest post any Propinquity Point will love to publish.

Creating Your First Cornerstone

In this lesson I'll walk you through creating your first draft of a Cornerstone by recombining existing content and determining where you have content holes that will require new content to fill them.

Week 4: Social Reconnaissance


The most powerful use of Google and social media platforms isn’t a connection; it’s profiling. Yes, the data is unstructured and, in some cases, hidden behind privacy walls. Still, with the right training, your biz dev teams can become NSA-level profilers, able to build insightful client prospect dossiers to help them build rapport — virtual and physical — with prospective clients.


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What is Social Reconnaissance?

Social Recon is essential for anyone that wishes to Sell Greatly. I'll introduce you to the concept and, in the following lessons walk you through how to conduct your own Social Recon.

What Are Conversational Catalysts?

The best conversationalists in the world are masters at starting and keeping conversations going. Conversational Catalysts are the secret sauce to turning anyone into a great conversationalist.

How to Conduct Your Own Social Reconnaissance

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A Real-World Example of a Social Recon Dossier

In this lesson, I'll show you a real-world Social Recon dossier to demonstrate just how much you can learn about a person using only publicly available data.

How To Use Social Recon Intelligence in Sales Prospecting

So you have a ton of information about a person, but how does that help you become a better salesperson or create conversations that convert to clients? I'll show you in this lesson.

How Conduct Your Own Social Reconnaissance

Now that you understand Social Recon and how to use the resulting intelligence, I'm going to show you how to conduct your own social reconnaissance using your existing resources. So let's get stalking.

Why You Need a CRM to Store Your Social Recon Intel

Finally, Dunbar's Number is the greatest enemy to anyone hoping to leverage the power of Social Recon to network at scale. In this lesson, I'll explain how you can use a CRM to help you overcome that obstacle.

Week 5: How to Sell Greatly


If you think you hate selling, then you've never been taught how to Sell Greatly. Traditional sales programs treat the prospect like a transaction and teach you how to push that transaction to close. So you learn how to persuade, manipulate or leverage the prospect to buy. And frankly, that feels selfish and sleazy. And that's how the Sell Greatly approach is different. Instead of treating prospects like transactions, I encourage you to see them as potential relationships and then show you how to leverage science and non-sleazy techniques to create connections, find common ground, and quickly and reliably create trust. And then, I show you how to leverage that trust to have conversations that convert to clients.

Key Concepts

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Turning Conversations Into Clients

To Sell Greatly is to focus on relationships instead of transactions. And the heart of that approach is having better conversations that properly managed, more reliably convert to new clients.

The Aikido Qualification Process

Selling to a Self-Educated Buyer is different. Because they've accumulated a treasure trove of information BEFORE they've ever reached out to you, it's imperative that you perform a little Aikido Triage to ensure you don't inadvertently put your foot in your mouth during the selling process.

The Sell Greatly Process Explained

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Introduction to Selling Greatly

What do I mean when I say, Sell Greatly? In this lesson, I'll explain in more detail and then take you through the 5P's that make up the Sell Greatly approach.

The 5P's: Proximity

The first P: Proximity is the first step in any relationship-building process.

The 5P's: Preparation

The second P: Preparation is the most overlooked step in almost every selling process. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.

The 5P's: Presence

The third P: Presence is the most important P, in my opinion, because it's what sets you apart from virtually every other business development executive on the planet.

The 5P's: Patience

The fourth P: Patience is the quickest way to make every client engagement you win more profitable.

The 5P's: Preference

The fifth P: Preference is not just a goal you hope to achieve, it's absolutely essential lest your prospect's awareness of you lead to your biggest competitor picking up the client you should have won.

Week 6: Social Selling


At a minimum, social media is the new phone. It’s both an inbound and an outbound way to contact and communicate with prospects. Is it the best phone to use for all contacts? Certainly not, but it does allow you to call more people in a day than you’d likely be able to call in a week using a standard phone. But more importantly, Social Selling ISN'T just about learning how to reach out and touch folks on social media platform. Nope. It's about learning how to lean into the SOCIAL and how by doing so, the SELLING part kind of takes care of itself.


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What is a Social Agent?

Social Agents might just become the most valuable client that never hires your agency. In this lesson, I'll show you why.

Cold Calling With Content

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An Introduction to Cold Calling With Content

If you hate cold calling as much as I do, then you'll love the idea of cold calling with content.

The Key Challenges to Cold Calling With Content

Like any proactive outreach, there are hurdles you'll need to overcome. I'll show you how in this lesson.

Creating an Efficient & Repeatable Content Creation Process

Just like the rest of the Painless Prospecting process, cold calling with content requires a lot of content. In this lesson, I'll show you a couple of simple, efficient ways to ensure you're always armed and ready with just the right piece of content when you need it.

Helping Your Social Agents Cold Call on Your Behalf

In this lesson, I'll introduce you to two nifty business development hacks that are brilliant in their simplicity and ability to help your Social Agents sell your services to their contacts with little to no effort from you.

Week 7: Networking & Nurturing with Email


Next to a phone number, obtaining your prospects' email address AND permission to send them information is easily the second (and maybe first) most important goal of the Painless Prospecting process. It's great that you can find and talk to prospects via social media platforms, but that's rented land — and the landlords can change the rules anytime they want. But email address lists are OWNED. And truth be told, email is still the primary business communications channel and when it comes to nurturing prospects over longer periods of time, email is should be your go-to for your key sales prospect nurturing efforts.


Paid course

Introduction to Networking & Nurturing with Email

A good email nurturing program is the key to networking at scale. I'll explain what I mean and give you a quick overview of the remaining email lessons.

Best Practices

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How To Format Newsletters to Discover Hidden Buying Signals

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with leads. But most agencies are overlooking newsletters' ability to help you begin segmenting your leads into smaller, more well defined niche's to improve your ability to convert them to new clients.

The Primary Email Nurturing Templates Every Biz Dev Person Needs

In this lesson, I'll give you my most used email nurturing templates and show you how to use them to network at scale quickly.

Using Mini-Campaigns to Spark Sales Conversations

I'm not a big believer in "pray and spray" email marketing where you're sending a broad message or offer to an even broader email list. Instead, Mini-Campaigns featuring highly personalized messaging sent to homogenous groups of hand selected client prospects are the future of agency email business development efforts.

Using Automated CTA Emails to Grow Subscriber Counts

The days of adding everyone to your newsletter list, even if they didn't explicitly opt-in to that list are or should be over. In this lesson, I'll show you how to ethically ask anyone that provides an email address to you to subscribe to your newsletter.

Advanced Email Techniques: Behavioral Email Segmentation

What if the goal of an email campaign WASN'T conversion? Instead, what if it was to uncover hidden buying signals that you can use to more effectively target and market to unqualified leads in your agency's database?

Final Thoughts on Email Networking & Nurturing Best Practices

I'll close with a few final thoughts that I think every agency needs to understand if they want to network at scale with email.

Week 8: Proposals & Negotiations


This is easily the most difficult and for most people, least enjoyable part of winning new business. Given you'll have to work with your new clients day-to-day, it's imperative to move through the proposal and contract negotiation process smoothly, lest you start off the relationship on the wrong foot. We'll start off introducing you to our BSGC Pricing Template and approach to pricing proposals. But over time, this will be one of the modules we begin adding additional classes too almost immediately. We want to add more lessons covering negotiation skills to help you do a better job and produce more profitable contracts for your agency.

The BSGC Pricing Proposal Tool

One of the biggest challenges in the business development process is pricing. Sometimes you're lucky, and the prospective client comes to you with a set budget and a well-defined scope of needs. But far too often, and especially if you're pitching a project, that simply isn't the case. Either because the client cannot accurately determine the services, they require and/or they can't or won't disclose a budget. In either case, I've developed a powerful, simple solution — the BSGC Pricing Proposal template. This incredibly powerful Google Sheet is the ultimate self-education tool. With it, you can quickly and easily guide a prospect through multiple scope/pricing options based on various service offering combinations or different levels of the same core set of service offerings.

This masterclass is Incredible! Tom gives you everything you need to start your own campaigns while he's walking you step-by-step through the Painless Prospecting Platform building process. And unlike other online learning programs, he's not just teaching you to build the airplane; he's helping you build it as the class proceeds. So you leave the course with a fully functioning business development program.

And I'm in love with the BSGC Pricing tool. I closed the first THREE prospects I presented proposals to using the template. I'm still blown away. Honestly, that one lesson and template is worth the entire price of the Master Class. And that's why the price of this Master Class is nominal compared to the value you'll receive. 

Lindsey Huettner

Owner, The it Crowd Agency


Perfect for Self-Starters Who Still Want Access to The Instructor To Ask A Few Questions



  • Setting Up Your Prospecting Platform
  • Mapping Your Propinquity Points
  • Cornerstones & Cobblestones
  • Social Reconnaissance
  • How to Sell Greatly
  • Social Selling
  • Networking & Nurturing with Email
  • Downloadable Propinquity Points Mapping Excel Template
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  • Setting Up Your Prospecting Platform
  • Mapping Your Propinquity Points
  • Cornerstones & Cobblestones
  • Social Reconnaissance
  • How to Sell Greatly
  • Social Selling
  • Networking & Nurturing with Email
  • Access to the Proposals & Negotiations Module
  • Downloadable BSGC Pricing Proposal Template
  • Weekly 90-Minute Group Office Hour Sessions 
  • Downloadable Propinquity Points Mapping Excel Template
  • Your own Autographed Copy of The Invisible Sale
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  • Setting Up Your Prospecting Platform
  • Mapping Your Propinquity Points
  • Cornerstones & Cobblestones
  • Social Reconnaissance
  • How to Sell Greatly
  • Social Selling
  • Networking & Nurturing with Email
  • Downloadable BSGC Pricing Proposal Template
  • Access to the Proposals & Negotiations Module
  • Downloadable Propinquity Points Mapping Excel Template
  • Your own Autographed Copy of The Invisible Sale
  • LIFETIME access to all current lessons
  • Discounted Upgrades to Future Lessons When Added
  • Email Support during Master Class and thru first 90-days after completion of the class
  • EIGHT PERSONALIZED ONE-ON-ONE LIVE instructor Zoom sessions.

Secure Payment.

Each Master Class registration includes ONE FREE SEAT for a second agency team member to join you in the class.

Tom Martin  //  Meet your Instructor

I have spent almost 25 years creating agency business development programs for leading advertising agencies and my own agencies, generating millions of dollars in new billables.

I've also had the great pleasure of speaking and teaching at numerous agency network conferences, including AMI, MCAN, and PRSA, and I've spoken at Build a Better Agency, BOLO, Inbound, Content Marketing World, MarketingProfs B2B Conference, and numerous others. 

And along the way, I've been on a personal crusade to rid the advertising world of RFPs and agency pitches as a primary business development process. So help me help you by giving me a chance to show you how you, too, can Painlessly Prospect for new clients. 

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practical, time-tested ideas and strategies

I am constantly looking for resources to bring practical, time-tested ideas and strategies to my agency owners. I can always count on Tom to deliver. His Painless Prospecting methodology has served my agencies well and they continue to get value from Tom’s years of experience and insight!

Drew McLellan  //  CEO, Agency Management Institute

A Highly Valuable Speaker and Consultant

Tom is a refreshing, comfortable, and professional teacher that has consistently delivered more than expected when he's spoken at TAAN. His knowledge of the ad business and insights into driving business development have been invaluable to the members of TAAN. I highly recommend you take this class.

Peter Gerritsen  //  President at TAAN Worldwide

Todd Fromer

A True Professional Who Knows What You Don't

Tom is straight to the point and backs up his counsel with proof points and analysis. Our executives have adopted a number of his techniques and have taken his advice on helpful software programs and apps that have made them more effective at selling and prospecting.

Todd fromer  //  President, KCSA Strategic Communications

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