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Putting the Horse Before the Cart

If you don’t know where you’re headed, how do you know when you’ve arrived? Any road will get you there --- eventually -- but it costs. It costs you in time, resources and most of all, lost opportunities.

A sound sales and marketing strategy thumbs the scale in your favor to give you that important edge over your competitors. We like to think of it as the all-important roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to go -- and it’s one of the things Converse Digital does best.

What’s the biggest strategic mistake companies make today? A siloed approach to strategy development. Your organization doesn’t need a separate sales strategy, advertising strategy, content marketing strategy, social media strategy, and influencer marketing strategy. You need a unified sales & marketing strategy that ties them all together in clear alignment.

One strategy to rule them all.

That’s where we come in.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

But strategy is hard and kinda boring. There are no award shows for strategy. You never see a strategy go viral, and we’re pretty sure we’ve never seen any major sales, marketing or advertising journal write a feature article about a strategy.


That’s because we live in a world that celebrates the tactic. The bigger, bolder, more expensive, more unexpected the “better.” Unfortunately though, those same celebrants seldom follow up to see if all that tactical brilliance actually accomplished anything meaningful like growing revenue, lowering a company’s cost per acquisition, churn rate, or -- our personal favorite -- increasing brand loyalty and lifetime customer value.

So if you’re sitting in a conference room or on a Zoom call wondering, “Where is the strategic guardrail directing all these tactical ideas,” feel free to mute yourself and contact us.

And don’t worry, we’ll keep it quiet.

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Social Selling Strategy & Training

Do you want to learn how to turn conversations into customers in a repeatable way? We can help show you or your team how to Sell Greatly. An approach to creating trust that places relationships in the starting position, and leveraging that carefully cultivated and nurtured trust to help self-educating buyers make the right buying decision.

Learn how to Sell Greatly

Propinquity Planning

Research shows every relationship passes through four distinct stages: Awareness, Knowing, Liking and finally, Relationship - it’s called the Propinquity Pathway and you can either leave that pathway up to chance or strategically align all of your online and offline marketing investments to create it for each and every one of your potential customers.

Learn more about creating Propinquity

B2B Content Marketing

Today’s self-educating buyers don’t want to talk to you. Nope, they’d rather hide behind the anonymity of a Google Search or freely available content on the Internet. And that’s just fine, as long as you have a well designed pathway of content cobblestones leading those prospects back to your website, retail location or wherever it is you convert them to a new customer.

Learn more about Self-Educating Buyers

B2B Social Media Marketing

We believe effective social media programs are all about being social. You know, actually talking with people. The power of social lies in the conversation more so than the conversion. It’s where you build a tribe that loves, supports and advocates for your brand unconditionally. Combine the approach with a disciplined CRM program and transform your social media spends from mere expense into true investment.

Learn more about leveraging social media to create a tribe

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