Learn How to Network & Prospect


feeling like a sleazy Used-Car Salesperson

Do you feel like you're terrible at sales prospecting or networking with potential clients?

Do you dread reaching out to ask for referrals or worse, "the business" from strangers and friends alike? 

If that sounds like you, this course was created especially for YOU!

I've condensed 30 years of sales and networking lessons into a single online course coupled with a 45-minute, one-on-one,  "Ask Me Anything" session to ensure you leave the course completely prepared to network or prospect your way to a successful career.

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These are the SAME techniques I've Used to Launch my Agency and Win Over $5 Million in Client Projects Over the Last 10 Years


Tough to say, harder to spell, but the science of Propinquity is THE key to building relationships with anyone. I'll walk you through the science and then explain how to leverage it to build relationships that create conversations, which eventually convert to new opportunities.

LinkedIn as Sales Sonar

LinkedIn might just be the best sales and networking radar ever developed. But like any tech, it's only as good as its operator. I'll teach you how to build sophisticated LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Search Queries that will help you find the golden needles in the LinkedIn haystack.

Social Reconnaissance

Never talk to a stranger. I'll teach you how to leverage unstructured data to profile sales prospects, employers, and potential business partners to discover Conversational Catalysts that make starting any sales or networking conversation easy and natural. 

Creating your memory vault

I have a terrible memory. That's why I rely on technology to ensure I can recall any name, fact, or piece of information a prospect would find interesting anytime and anywhere. I'll show you how to leverage this amazing technology to ensure you too never forget anything. 

cold calling with content

This is THE most successful sales prospecting and networking technique you're not using but should. Look I HATE cold-calling, but I LOVE using content to make 1,000s of cold-calls every year — calls my contacts and prospects welcome and look forward to receiving again. 

known for knowledge

I'll show you how to spread your unique knowledge around the online and offline world where prospective clients can discover it and YOU. Combined with Propinquity, this is the one-two punch that makes the entire Networking at Scale process so powerful and effective. 

about me

I Use My Experience to Create Your Success

Sure, there are a lot of people, companies, and courses that guarantee your success. I'm different

First, I'm not going to guarantee anything other than this: EVERYTHING you're going to learn is based on real-world experience. I've used every tactic, every tip, every strategy that I teach to build my own little boutique agency. 

And I could continue to keep all of this to myself and keep building my little agency in New Orleans. But frankly, it's more fun to share the wealth and watch all boats rise — not just mine. 

Second, I'm not done. Once you buy this course, you get LIFETIME access. As I update lessons or add new modules, you'll receive a notification to stop back for more helpful ideas and tactics.  


Turning Conversations into Customers

It's really that simple. The truth is, you probably don't hate networking or even prospecting — even with strangers. What you do hate is how you've been taught to do it. 

Unless you're different from the thousands of people I've talked to over the life of my career, the traditional sales and networking approach feels icky to you because it feels selfish.

And it is! Face it, everything you've read, watched, or been taught is designed to create a transaction—a transaction that benefits you and not always the other party. 🤮

In this course, I'll show you how to replace selling with helping. And I'll show you how helping draws others closer to you vs repelling them or making them want to hang up or head for the nearest bathroom if you're talking face-to-face. 

Best of all, I'll show you how to do it at scale to ensure your inbox is always full of new, profitable, or beneficial opportunities. 

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I know, you're NEVER supposed to let folks link off a sales landing page. Or at least that's what you read on all the top sales blogs 😊. But I'm just going to risk it because I don't know any better way to help you decide if I can really turn you into a successful networker. So enjoy.

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