Are You Ready to Sell Greatly?

Are You Ready to Sell Greatly?

We wrote the book on social selling. Literally. And while it was written to serve as a field guide for any person or organization trying to augment their existing outbound sales prospecting system, we understand that some organizations want and need help to implement the core principles of The Invisible Sale. And that is the goal of our Social Selling Training and Consulting options.

Social Selling isn’t teaching your sales teams to use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Yes, those platforms play a role in Social Selling, but simply knowing how to use them doesn’t constitute true Social Selling. Social Selling is a fundamentally different approach, process and style of prospecting, nurturing and closing sales. One that emphasizes the social over the selling.

More importantly, creating an exceptionally effective Social Selling program doesn’t just involved retraining your sales team. No, your marketing team must rethink their approach to content creation and dissemination. And finally, both the sales and marketing teams must learn how to work together in a truly integrated manner that allows both teams to fully support the success of the other.

And that is the hallmark of Converse Digital’s Social Selling Programs — teaching sales & marketing how to finally work together to drive greater sales growth than either can achieve alone. Some call us a translator…. others liken us to a marriage counselor. But regardless of the chosen moniker, all agree, in the words of one satisfied client, 

I’m not sure if we’ll really pull it off but I am sure that for the first time since I’ve been here both sides [sales & marketing] are really engaged and wanting to work together to leverage social selling to grow our business.