October 16

15 Reasons You Should Buy The Invisible Sale TODAY

The Invisible Sale

If you’ve never heard the word Propinquity, then this is the book is for you. 


Because that word, Propinquity, and the scientific research behind, it is the secret to creating more effective sales and marketing programs that turn conversations into customers. 

What You’ll Learn In The Book

I wrote the book as a tool not a trophy. My goal was to make sure you learned at least one new idea, tip, trick or marketing hack in each chapter. Judging by the early reviews, folks are getting that and a whole lot more. But just to help you see if this book is right for you… here are 15 things you’ll learn.

  1. You’ll get statistics to support the argument that buyers today are conducting research online versus calling your company for materials.
  2. You’ll find case studies from companies that are using digital tools today to grow sales and increase market share.
  3. You’ll get a strategic framework that you can replicate to leverage your content marketing efforts for improved sales conversions.
  4. You’ll learn how to create helping content that your prospect invites into their world.
  5. You’ll learn the principles of Social Selling so you can use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to prospect and nurture leads without looking spammy.
  6. You’ll learn how to create Propinquity and why it should be the #1 goal of every sales and marketing program.
  7. You’l learn how to create a strategically focused digital footprint designed to help you or your brand come into contact with prospective buyers.
  8. You’ll learn how to find and leverage the power of Social Agents to hear about sales opportunities you’d otherwise miss.
  9. You’ll learn how to create high quality video content on your own — including tips from professional video producers and insight into the tools and applications you need.
  10. You’ll learn how to create better photographic assets, including advice on camera selection, mobile photography apps and tips for shooting better photographs.
  11. You’ll learn how to create more textual content — blog posts, white papers, and ebooks… including content frameworks, apps and hacks to simplify the creation of text based content.
  12. You’ll find out why everyone is all excited about podcasting and how you can quickly and easily add podcasting to your marketing toolbox — including practical advice and “how to” tips from professional podcasters.
  13. You’ll learn how to create recorded product demos and webinars, including suggested applications and approaches that work best.
  14. You’ll learn about how to use Cornerstones & Cobblestone as a content creation framework to simplify the content creation process helping you to produce and distribute more content without more people.
  15. You’ll learn how to convert inbound leads with Aikido Selling techniques specifically designed to close self-educating buyers.

How The Invisible Sale Is Different From Other Business Books

There are plenty of books on the market that tell you what you need to do and why you need to do it.

But you need a book that doesn’t just tell you what and why, you need a book that tells you how. You need a book that gives you a step-by-step blueprint to build and activate a digital prospecting program. And that book is The Invisible Sale — a field guide to building a digitally powered marketing and sales system that will let you prospect while you sleep.

Recent Reviews of The Invisible Sale

Still not convinced – don’t take my word for it. Here are what current readers are saying:

I loved the book as with each chapter you walk away thinking differently and sparking some ideas on how you can master the invisible sale.

– Suzanne

Excellent book. I own a marketing company and some of trends and events that Tom talks about, I have experienced, but I thought they were anomalies. I’m realizing now that Tom has officially labeled this new type of marketing as the invisible sale. The radar is a great resource. I couldn’t put the book down.

– Erik

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