March 19

How To Prospect For Qualified Sales Leads While You Sleep

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After Tom’s exciting presentation on Painless Prospecting at the #SoloPR Summit in Atlanta, he sat down for a podcast chat with Marketing From The Street hosts, Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood. The guys dove right into Tom’s painless prospecting systems and his social selling methodology, as well as the implications for B2B & B2C sales teams as digital technology becomes more and more prevalent in the sales processes. You can listen to the entire 15 minute podcast or just grab the highlights by reading on…

Funnel Optimized Websites help you generate leads in your sleep

As B2B marketers, our job is to help companies build out a platform with that capability.

A Funnel Optimized Website is like a way-finder in the physical world: you can either let people roam around your property, or you can direct them to where they need to be.

True Story –while we were catching beads over Mardi Gras, our Converse Digital Painless Prospecting System was catching leads and serving them up to us. In fact, it served one up that we closed over beers before the big weekend was over. No RFP. No long, drawn out pitch process and no haggling over price of services.

If you build it, Invisible Sales will come…

Today buyers are self-educating and in increasingly large numbers they are not bothering to contact you until they’ve decided they actually might want to do business with you. So it is imperative that your website do an outstanding job of presenting your company, your products and services (in our case our ideas and thinking) in a way that helps them decide that they need to reach out to you.

There is a widget you can download on your site (WordPress) that allows you to hand pick what content appears next to the page your potential customer has open on your site, whether it’s a blog post or a service offering page. This way, you are moving people through both static and dynamic sales funnels at the same time in an effort to keep them on your site and to help them get down to where you really want them… the “Contact Us” page and filling out that form. You want to constantly present them with that “next step information” to keep them moving right along and this approach does it.

You may think you do this, but in reality, you really don’t. And you’re likely causing people to bounce off of your site and as a result, you can’t capture them as a qualified lead.

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Technology is an idle threat to salespeople… Debunk it

One of the interviewers, Todd, made a good point in the interview – “The typical sales guy on the street is afraid to open up and let technology serve him or her. Why is that such a challenge to get that person bought into the idea that technology can really be a benefit?”

Tom’s rebuttal surprised Todd and may just surprise you too: It’s not so much a fear-based instinct for salespeople to deny technology; it’s more of an ego thing.

Now, since so many great salespeople tend to be very Type A and competitive, they may have a bit of an ego complex when it comes to prospecting. They may think in terms of, “it’s me who makes the sales. You can’t replace me with technology.”

You really can’t blame them – salespeople have been brought up to believe in the cold call. And that is a tough world to exist in  — a world that requires stamina and an enormous amount of self-belief in the power of the individual to close the deal. And in that world, ego might just be the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. So B2B & B2C Marketers that work with sales teams need to think beyond the standard — it’s a fear of technology thing if they really want to move their sales teams into the 21st century.

A better system.

The B2B marketer’s biggest challenge is first and foremost to help the sales team understand that there is a new and better approach designed to make sales people more effective than the way they are all used to doing it. Companies must understand how to leverage digital technology in the sales prospecting arena.

First and foremost, what sales people should understand is that this digital sales process change is not replacement; it’s just we marketers trying to help you salespeople become infinitely more efficient and effective.

Instead of calling on 10 leads and getting 2 bookings for appointments, wouldn’t you rather call on 5 and get 4? Because if you did, you can guarantee, you’ll get bigger bonus checks at the end of the month. Get a sales person to see that reality and now you’ve got a conversation.

Click here to download the full interview: Tom Martin on Painless Prospecting on SoloPR LIVE from Atlanta!

Click Here to get your FREE copy of Tom’s entire presentation (slides & audio) 

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