The 5P’s of Successful Sales

Sell Greatly — the 5P’s featuring Tom Martin

We’ve all heard about the 4P’s in Marketing — Product, Price, Place & Promotion — but have you ever studied the 5P’s of Sales? If not, read on and/or watch the quick video in this post.

The 5P’s of Modern Selling

Like the 4P’s in marketing, the 5P’s provide salespeople with a framework under which they can create an effective sales prospecting, nurturing and closing approach to consistently sell more successfully. Or as we here at Converse Digital refer to it: to Sell Greatly.

Specifically, the 5P’s are:

  • Proximity — or as the social scientists who determined that this P is the most consistent predictor variable of future relationship formation call it – Propinquity.
  • Preparation — which is often the most overlooked P. Salespeople are so focused on closing today’s potential transaction that they forget that by spending even a little bit of time conducting even basic social reconnaissance they will be so much better prepared to succeed.
  • Presence — my personal favorite and the one most people, including salespeople, fall down on daily. We’re all so attached to those little computers in our pockets and the people they “connect” us to, that we forget to just be present in the conversation we’re having right now.
  • Patience — not most sales managers’ favorite P — but the truth is, lack of patience costs companies and salespeople more money in lost profit and commission than most realize.
  • Preference — the ultimate P — the one that every salesperson absolutely must achieve. It’s no longer enough to make sure your top-of-mind with your prospects, you have to be top-of-preference because your competition (or better stated their content) is literally at your customer’s fingertips 24/7/365.

Want to Learn More About How To Sell Greatly?

Have we piqued your curiosity?

If you want to dive deeper into the concepts and applications of the Sell Greatly approach, here are a handful of posts to help you do that.

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About Tom Martin

Tom is 25+ year veteran of the sales & marketing industry with a penchant for stiff drinks, good debates and showing companies how to Sell Greatly, and turn conversations into customers. He is the founder of Converse Digital , author of The Invisible Sale and a contributing writer for Advertising Age. Tom guides clients through the digital sales & marketing maze and helps companies teach their sales force how to Painlessly Prospect their way to more sales. Follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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