Social Reconnaissance

Every minute Google receives over 4,000,000 search queries, YouTube users upload 71 hours of new videos, Pinterest users Pin 3,472 photos, Facebook users share 2,460,000 pieces of content, Twitter users share 277,000 tweets and Instagram users post 216,000 pictures.

And each and every one of those posts contains unstructured data. 

Just look at this photo. It contains seven pieces of data that indicate consumer geography, interests, schooling, social leanings, and brand affiliations) that when properly mapped and analyzed helps to create detailed, insightful pictures of your customers and prospects.

Can you find them?

Tom Martin changes the brand perception of mardi gras with social media

Our Social Analysts apply our proprietary methodology and toolset to create detailed Social Profiles that clients have used better understand:

  • Social Selling Strategy Recommendations: using the insights gleaned from the data, we can help your sales & marketing teams create better targeted content and more effective lead nurturing strategies.
  • Trade Show & Conference Networking: ensure you and your sales team never meet a stranger. Instead, armed with our Social Reconnaissance Dossier, you'll know your prospect's life story -- are they married, to whom (if they are), whether they have kids, what are their names and ages, what does your prospect do for fun, what are her favorite brands, sports and life activities. Armed with this knowledge, you can start more natural, less salesy conversations that your prospect actually wants to engage in vs running for the bathroom or bar.
  • Key Consumer Profiles: document, classify and report geographic, demographic, psychographic, media consumption, sports affiliations, and key cultural touch points as Key Audience Segments.
  • Key Conversation Mapping: document, classify and report key conversations uncovered during our analysis.
  • Super Fans Identification: generate a list of Super Fans, those that either strongly promote your brand online or via the content they share, provide demonstrative proof of enhanced affinity for your brand.
  • Advertising & Marketing Implications: this can include recommendations for advanced Facebook ad targeting, online display ad targeting, content marketing thematics,  online ambassador outreach strategies and offline advertising and sales strategies.List Element

As they say, it's not who you know but what you know that makes a difference.

To learn more about how to conduct your own Social Reconnaissance, watch our DIY Social Reconnaissance Webinar - Never Talk To a Stranger. Or to talk to one of our analysts about Converse Digital's Social Recon offerings, just Click Here and send us an email.