Is That a Sales Prospect In Your Hashtag Stream?

social selling with hashtags and nimble contact app

It’s no secret that I think Twitter Chats are an excellent social selling opportunity. If you’re not sure about this social media tool, check out the simple video I created, Twitter Chat Explanation Video. Now take the power of Twitter Chats (TweetChats) and Webinars (with supporting hashtags) and Twitter Hashtags and add the new Nimble’s Smart Contacts App and you just might have the killer app combination for proactive online sales prospecting.

If you’re the type that likes to read the last page of the book, scroll down to the video to see why I’m so pumped about this new app. For everyone else, read on.

What is Nimble’s Smart Contacts App?

Simply put, it’s a browser extension that does real-time profiling of any contact you’re currently interacting with online.

Whether you’re in your inbox or browsing the web, the app will instantly build a live profile for the individual or company you are hovering your cursor over. This profile includes critical contact details like: who they are, where they work, location and hometown. For companies, the profile could list company size, year founded, revenue, industry, CEO details, social profiles, contact info and more.

The Nimble Smart Contacts App gathers this profile information from other apps including Twitter, AngelList, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare and Instagram and allows you to instantly and easily add the completed profile information to you contact database or to Nimble’s CRM, all with the click of a button.

What is Nimble CRM?

Nimble is also a lightweight social Customer Relationship Management tool that makes it really easy to see all of your sales prospects’ social media chatter in one screen. You can also tell the software to remind you to reach out to your leads on a predetermined schedule – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. And the software will also track all of the places you can touch that lead — on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or even via email. Even better, the new Smart Contacts App, will create profiles of folks you don’t currently have in your CRM. That is pretty slick. And as before in Nimble, if you see one of your contacts in your Twitter stream and can’t remember exactly who they are, the app will bring their entire profile right into your Twitter environment.

Combine all these features with deal tracking, where you can create and monitor sales opportunities, and you have a wonderful and inexpensive lead-nurturing alternative to SalesForce.com. Plus, all this information and the ability to continually connect with your leads, is very helpful when you’re trying to build propinquity against your prospects.

How Does Nimble Turn Hashtags Into a Biz Dev Tool?

Glad you asked. I have to say, it’s truly impressive and to really “get it” you just have to see it in action. So, below is a video demo that was recorded after a webinar I did for the Content Marketing Institute. During and after the webinar, participants using the webinar hashtag, #CMWorld, were sharing comments, asking questions and RT’ing useful information from the webinar.

Using the Nimble App, I was able to turn that hashtag, #CMWorld, into a sales prospecting/lead definition list. Watch, by hovering over the names of webinar participants who tweeted, the app builds a real-time profile of who they are, what their digital footprint looks like and will show me any other notes Nimble has on the person. This is HUGE. Here is why.

Often times, because of the famous character limit of Twitter (which also extends to the bio section) you may not get a full view of someone. Their Twitter bio may be very informal or completely devoid of professional information. But now with the Nimble App, that doesn’t matter. Hover over their name and presto, like magic, their LinkedIn profile, Facebook, etc., comes up. With this information at hand, you can quickly identify the viability of the person as a prospect for your business.

If they look like a good prospect, with just a single click you can add them to your database and then tag them with an appropriate tag. And as I said earlier, you can even set a reminder schedule to ensure you develop a bit of propinquity against them to help you develop a relationship.

Nimble + Hashtags = Social Selling Power

Ever since Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara  gave me a sneak peak at this thing, I’ve been so excited to share it with you. I hope I’ve demonstrated that it’s the perfect tool for sales & marketing people. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and simple to install.

Go give it a try and after a week, I promise, you’ll be hooked.

And if your team needs more help understanding how to leverage the power of Social Selling to grow your business… feel free to Click Here to call me right now.

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