Social Selling Workshops

The hallmark of our workshops is the ability to show your sales team & marketing team how to work together to launch and maintain an effective social selling program. We don’t just teach the sales team how to use Twitter and LinkedIn. And we don’t just show the marketing team how to create better content to support the sales team. Instead we teach both teams how to support and enhance the selling efforts of the other.

When we leave your organization, your sales team understands how to leverage content created by your marketing teams to better prospect, nurture and close sales leads. Likewise, your marketing team understands how to create all of the different types of content your sales team truly needs to achieve their selling goals.

I’m not sure if we’ll really pull it off but I am sure that for the first time since I’ve been here both sides [sales & marketing] are really engaged and wanting to work together to leverage social selling to grow our business.

 – Tourism DMO Sales & Marketing Director

Customized Workshops

While all workshops are customized, a prototypical Social Selling Workshop consists of a one-day onsite, hands on workshop with your sales & marketing teams. The goal of this workshop is to open the sales & marketing teams’ minds to the options available to them and create support for testing a social prospecting approach to lead generation. Key deliverables include:

  • Pre-Workshop conference call or video conference with your team to gauge their level of digital & social media knowledge, current usage levels and fears or hesitations with social selling
  • PPR Online Assessment for each participant to establish the social selling knowledge gap for your organization
  • Custom designed one-day workshop based on the PPR Assessment results
  • Attendance at a pre-workshop function to break the ice with the sales & marketing teams and establish a rapport between them and our team to facilitate a more powerful workshop
  • Workshop Learning Modules

    • Define social selling
    • Introduction to Propinquity – the science behind relationship formation and its role in selling
    • Introduction to the relevant social media networks and how to work the room using social media
    • Introduction to Social Reconnaissance and its use in social sales prospecting
    • Explanation of the Aikido Selling approach to social selling
    • Nurturing leads online – a step-by-step diagramming of online nurturing to show your sales team how to conduct the online conversation
    • Explanation of content curation vs creation tactics to prospect for and nurture social selling leads
    • How to combine social selling with offline sales prospecting to enhance the effectiveness of both
    • Building a Painless Prospecting Platform including a discussion of 1st Click vs 2nd Click Content and the roles of both in your social selling efforts
    • Discussion of Funnel Optimized Websites and analysis of your organization’s website for funnel optimization
    • Interactive learning modules to reinforce key learnings

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