QR Codes: Marketing Game Changer or Mobile Fancy?

QR Codes: Marketing Game Changer or Mobile Fancy?

Back in March, I wrote a post for Ad Age entitled, QR Codes: Game Changing Technology of Passing Fancy. Last week, the fine folks over at the TACVB Conference gave me an hour to expand on my thoughts about QR Codes in Marketing. Below is a slidecast (slides and audio sync’d) of the presenstation.

The entire presentation is just under an hour. In it, I discuss how QR Codes bridge consumers from the physical to the digital world. I also talk about six of the most common arguments against QR codes and why half of them are completely rediculous. And lastly, we covered a few great examples of how to use QR Codes in your marketing (especially destination or hospitality marketing) and finish up with a few frequently asked questions, like “How big should a QR code be to scan properly?”

So give it a listen and then let me know what you think.





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  1. Grant Bentley says

    Hi Tom,

    I enjoyed your presentation. I also was surprised to realize that the QR Code that was placed on the slide in your slide share presentation that talks about the World Park installation was actually “active” and brought up a new YouTube browser window playing the same video that you played to your audience during the live presentation (very cool).
    We should talk about tourism applications in the San Diego area.

    • Thanks for the compliment Grant!

      Good to know that QR code is still “live” and I’d LOVE to chat about Tourism Applications in the San Diego area. I’m a big believer that Mobile is fundamentally changing the way destinations and attractions can interact with travelers. If you liked this presentation, you may want to check out my Mobile First presentation… I go into more detail about mobile, share some new research and talk more in depth about how mobile is changing the world of tourism marketing. http://conversedigital.com/mobile-marketing-strategy/mobile-first-strategy-keynote-for-destination-marketers

      I’ll send you an email about chatting in more detail.

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