August 27

Sales Prospecting Webinar: Turning Conversations Into Clients

We just released a brand new 15-minute webinar specifically designed for advertising, PR and Digital agencies that want to learn how to combine my Painless Prospecting approach to building a consistent inbound pipeline of highly qualified, self-educated buyers that are pretty sure they want to hire you before you ever speak with them directly with my Sell Greatly approach to managing those conversations so your agency can turn more of them into new clients for your organization.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar was developed as part of the awesome FREE SharpSpring Agency Acceleration Series. And while I’ve written this short, 15-minute webinar to speak directly to advertising, public relations and digital agencies of all stripes and sizes, the content is just as relevant and helpful to anyone selling professional services.

So if you’re a lawyer, CPA, or maybe you sell coaching services or training services, the approach I’ll be championing — getting known for knowledge — is just as applicable to you as it is the agencies I’ll be speaking to directly.

What Will You Learn?

First, you’ll learn why the Invisible Sale forces you to change your mindset from being a hunter to becoming hunted. Why Proximity and Preparation are key to successful digitally centric sales prospecting and sales nurturing programs today.

Second, I’ll explain how your business development program is chasing the wrong goal, and how that is limiting your opportunity for success. We’ll talk about my favorite topic, Propinquity and why without it you’re business development program is DOA.

And finally, I’ll show you how you have to change the way you present yourself, your information and your value proposition to effectively communicate to today’s self-educated buyers. You’ll find out why you need to start focusing on creating CRAP content. Yes, you read that correctly — I’m actually going to implore you to create CRAP.

What If I Want To See The Other Sessions?

No problem. The fine folks over at SharpSpring are recording all of the sessions and you can watch them on demand whenever you wish. So go on over and check out the entire line up — honestly it’s pretty incredible.

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