July 11

Are You Ready To Make Your Sales Prospecting Painless?

Well it’s only taken me about a year to finally launch our first free email based social selling sales prospecting course. But today, it’s finally up and running and you’re invited to sign up for the course. Here’s what you’ll receive after you sign up.

14 Days of Free Sales Prospecting Advice

That’s right. The entire course is 14 days long (not including weekends). Each day you’ll get a single email providing you one simple idea, hack, thought or insight that will transform your sales prospecting from painful to painless.

Many of the emails reinforce or build off the ideas from my book, The Invisible Sale, while others bring entirely new ideas that will likely find their way into my next book.

The Easiest Sales Prospecting Course You’ll Ever Take

Ok, so enough with the sales pitch, let’s get to the part you really want to see — here is a glimpse of the Painless Prospecting course syllabus:

  • Redefining the Definition of Sales Prospecting
  • Setting Up Your CRM
  • The Role of Propinquity in Your Sales Prospecting Process
  • Social Selling Theory: Embassies vs Outposts
  • Google Proofing Your Sales Prospecting and Content Marketing Efforts
  • Social Selling: The Role of Social Agents
  • Automatic Lead Generation
  • Closing the Sale

and another seven helpful social selling and sales prospecting tips that you’ll just have to register to receive.

Register Now For The Easiest Sales Prospecting Course You’ll Ever Take

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