March 26

A Simple Social Media Strategy To Prospect For Clients & Customers

This Thursday, March 27th, I’ll be talking about the 7 keys to successfully leverage your social media strategy to drive lead generation and sales prospecting efforts.

If you’ll be at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and free at 2:15pm on Thursday, please join me in Seaport C for a great social selling session.

There we’ll discuss how you can integrate your  content marketing and social media strategy to painlessly prospect for new customers and clients for your company.

Free Webinar

But for those of you that won’t be able to make it — don’t despair. I’m going to present the entire deck via a Converse Digital webinar on April 23rd @ 12:30pm CENTRAL.

Join me then to find out the answers to these 7 questions:

  • How can your most important customer be the person that never buys anything from you?
  • What the hell do Taco Trucks have to do with successful social media strategy?
  • Why is  Search Optimization (SEO) a losing strategy?
  • What is the secret to winning business from self-educated buyers?
  • What is the SINGLE biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome in your sales process?
  • Why do you need to master the art and science of Propinquity?
  • Why should you stop trying to be awesome?

Only first 100 people to register will receive log in information… so go ahead and REGISTER now before it’s too late.

Register for How To Use Social Media To Prospect For customers Webinar

Who Should Attend This Webinar

If your boss cancelled your travel budget right before Social Media Marketing World — well this webinar is for you. You know who you are 😉

So who else should attend? If your company’s product is researched by the consumer before purchase then you’ll want to be on this webinar. It’s also going to be very helpful for anyone selling professional services (that’s you CPA’s, Lawyers, Ad Agency New Business folks and Business Consultants).

If you’re a smaller challenger brand trying to compete against bigger, better funded competitors who simply outshout you in the paid advertising marketplace, you’ll learn a lot on this webinar to help you level the playing field a bit.

And lastly, if you’re a B2B Marketer or a B2C Marketer trying to convince your company or organization to adopt inbound marketing techniques designed to draw a prospective customer/client to you versus you going out and finding new sales prospects — this could very well be the best webinar you attend all year.

When we’re done, you’ll understand in detail the Next Steps you need to take to immediately begin wining the battle for the increasingly invisible buyer.

Register for How To Use Social Media To Prospect For customers Webinar

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