March 5

Unmasking Big Data’s Lies [Webinar]

So today I want to talk to you about the lies, but I also want to talk to you about the truths of Big Data. I’m giving you my recent big data presentation as a downloadable webinar. My goal is that when you finish the downloadable webinar, you’re going to feel really confident having a conversation with your CEO, your CFO, your C whatever O about big data and how you can manipulate either or both to grow your businesses.

What You’ll Learn in This Big Data Webinar

Any time we have a technological meme, a hot button or a term that starts getting searched heavily in Google you have a lot of people in the consulting and agency world who have a vested interested in making people believe they are experts on the topic. Mark Twain said, “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.” If he was alive today he would say, Lies, damn lies and Big Data. In this webinar, I take you through the lies and the truths so that you are better prepared to discuss both.

The most important truth is that the definition of what constitutes Big Data will be different for every company. That definition where you cross from little data to Big Data depends on three variables.

  • Size of database.
  • The tools that you have.
  • The analyst that you’ve hired.

But all data is essentially the same. And that is a basic truth that starts to make the whole Big Data discussion far simpler.

The Most Important Variable in a Data-Based Marketing World

The difference between how well your company uses data all comes down to the person standing behind the computer screen analyzing it because data has limitations. The most important learning you’ll get from this webinar is an understanding of the importance of your data analyst.

Data can’t factor time and time is the single most relevant and important variable in any data analysis.

Additionally, a database can’t see emotion, predict it and and sure as hell can’t track emotion. But guess what? Your consumer makes a decision based on emotion every single day.

Your analyst helps you overcome these limitations.

Big Data’s Truths

Enough of lies, let’s talk about the truth. The single most powerful use of Big Data is to find correlations in data sets that you and I simply can’t with an Excel spreadsheet. It teases out things you and I aren’t going to see because the data set is simply too big. That’s why everybody gets so excited.

But companies that become so enamored of their data become myopic. To truly innovate you have to put eyes on the market. In the webinar I share in detail why “Eyes on Market” is so terribly important to every marketer today.

Are you ready to get up to speed on Big Data?

Grab a sandwich, a drink and give me 45 minutes of your lunch hour. Download the webinar today and you can do just that.

We’re sorry but this webinar is no longer available. 

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