November 29

The Future of Journalism Is Digital

There is a perfect storm brewing in the journalism and advertising world. A storm that is fundamentally altering how and where consumers interact with information and news. On Wednesday, December 5th, we’re going to talk about it in a FREE LIVE WEBINAR and you’re invited to register!

This storm is driven by four key media, publishing and consumer trends, which we’ll cover in detail.

  • Me Too Programming
  • Digital Distribution Technology
  • Shifts from Channel Based Context to Content Based Context
  • The Rise of the Individual Media Creator

Taken alone, each of the four key trends is interesting… but when viewed through a combined, interdependent lens, you quickly see that the journalism of tomorrow will look very different from the journalism of yesterday and today.

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How Digital Publishing Effects Brands

Still not sure you need to join us?

Then consider this. While everyone is still gaga over social media, content marketing, brand journalism and the such, the naked truth is that for most brands, traditional news and entertainment channels (think big media producers here) is and for the foreseeable future will remain, the primary communication channels to reach and influence consumers.

So how will journalism’s digital future affect a your ability to reach and persuade a consumer? Is that something you’re 100% confident you’re on top of? Are you ahead of your competitors on this one?

If no, then you’re probably going to want to “be in that limited number” who register because that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about next week in our webinar — The Walls Are Falling, Journalism’s Digital Future.

During the 35 minute live webinar, we’ll talk about each of the four key trends we think are and will continue to dramatically impact the future of journalism and entertainment. If you want to join us you’re going to learn a few things like,

  • What publishers and studios are doing that is creating this dynamic
  • What kind of technology is going to power the future of journalism and content
  • What’s going to happen to regularly scheduled TV news casts and how that is going to effect one of advertiser’s core reach channels
  • The difference between Channel Based vs Content Based Journalism and how that is going to impact media buying
  • How digital publishing will impact media planning and buying and what kinds of mechanisms we’ll see in the future to maintain efficiencies
  • How you need to be integrating your digital and traditional strategy today, in order to be prepared for tomorrow

The dynamic, informative and FREE webinar is sure to fill up fast and seats are VERY LIMITED. Because we believe that information is power, and we want you to have that power versus your competitor, we’re limiting registration to the first 25, that’s right — ONLY 25 PEOPLE — will be allowed to register. So don’t delay or you may regret it.

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