Sales & Marketing Strategy

Putting the horse in front of the cart.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

And knowing the difference between the two… that’s strategy.

But strategy is hard. And let’s face it, kind of boring. There are no award shows for strategy. You never see a strategy go viral. And we’re pretty sure we’ve never seen any major sales, marketing or advertising journal write a feature article about a strategy.


Because we live in a world that celebrates the tactic.

The bigger, the bolder, the more expensive, the more unexpected, the better. Unfortunately though, those same celebrants seldom follow up to see if all that tactical brilliance actually accomplished anything meaningful like growing revenue, lowering a company’s cost per acquisition or churn rate, or our personal favorites, increasing brand loyalty and lifetime customer value.

So if you’re sitting in a conference room or on the end of a Zoom call wondering, “where is the strategic guardrail that directs all these tactical ideas?”, feel free to mute yourself and contact us.

And don’t worry, we’ll keep it quiet.

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