January 21

How Do I Create Compelling Content Marketing for My Industry Niche Audience

It’s fairly easy to create compelling content marketing if you’re a major liquor brand or a popular destination or any host of other brands. But what if you’re marketing to a niche audience or your product isn’t sexy? Then what do you do?

What if you were a travel brand whose target was long-term corporate travelers — the kind that need a room for weeks or months at a time? Or what if you were selling insurance to medical professionals? Or you were selling industrial restaurant equipment to restauranteurs?

Is social media really an option for you? Can you reach your audience via Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook? Would anyone read a blog you created? And if so, what the hell would you write?

The answer is yes, yes and YES!

Unless your prospects and customers never talk about your product class or product, social media and content marketing absolutely is an viable marketing option for you — but you might have to be a bit more creative and you might find it takes a little longer than average for your social media content marketing program to show results.

Three Niche Content Marketing Ideas

Talk around, not to, your prospect. Let’s face it, there are lots of products in the world that just aren’t something you really want to talk about except when you’re actively buying or needing that product. Think funeral homes, disability insurance, and batteries. Seriously, do you really want to/need to talk about that kind of stuff on an average Wednesday?

Instead of talking about your product or even your category, talk about ancillary products or categories. Look at what GoToMeeting does with Workshifting. If you were the hypothetical long-term travel brand noted above, you might make your entire presence around talking about the destinations where you have rooms. You might blog about the best ways to travel light or make “friends” in a new town — albeit on a temporary basis. Maybe even talk about how road warriors can maintain healthy relationships with spouses and children. You’re giving your prospect relevant information that keeps your brand top of mind and gives a prospect a reason to like you. When the time comes to make a purchase decision, who do you think is going to win?

Be the campfire. Who are the top 100 thinkers in your industry? Where or maybe when do those 100 ever get together to compare notes? When do they ever get the chance to meet and talk with others in their industry? One content marketing strategy might be to create campfire conversations that brings that group together on a regular basis. You might try using a Google Hangout to not only bring them together but give your prospects a chance to mingle with the top 100. Would that be valuable to you and your prospects and customers?

Curate the Conversation. Is it really possible to read EVERYTHING you should read to stay abreast of your industry? Can you really be “in the know” about rapidly changing industries, technology, etc.? If you said yes, congrats — you’re in the minority. But this challenge is your content marketing opportunity in disguise. Be THE SOURCE for key information in your industry.

For instance, what if your audience was professional marketers — brand or agency side? These folks need to stay abreast of changes in demographics, social media, mobile marketing and be aware of all the new technology platforms springing up daily. Why not create a single source for all the insight and information these folks will want and need?

Creating Compelling Content

Creating compelling content is about being helpful more than it is about being creative. And in many cases, you’re not even “creating.”

Just look at those examples above. Only one is truly a creation example… the others are curation — infinitely easier in my opinion. And because you need be little more than helpful, you don’t always even have to create content directly about your product or service. Just be sure that once you’ve created your content and you’re ready to share it, that you don’t make the biggest mistake businesses make in their social media programs.

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