The YOUtility of Helping vs Selling Marketing Programs

Youtility by Jay Baer

I spend Chapter 5 of my new book, The Invisible Sale, discussing the strategic shift content marketing oriented sales & marketing teams must accept to find and win the invisible buyer. Today’s buyers are looking for advice not advertising and the brands that figure that out and successfully deploy that strategy first will enjoy enormous first mover advantage.

My friend Jay Baer calls this approach YOUtility. And while I touch on the subject in the overall discussion of finding and winning the invisible sale, Jay dives deep into the concept of helping versus selling content in his new New York Times Bestseller — YOUtility.

Jay was nice enough to give me an advance copy when we last saw each other and I read it cover to cover the next day. YOUtility is full of great information, better ideas and something like 35 case studies that Jay plucked from the real world examples he both sees and has helped create.

His Top-of-Mind-Awareness to Frame-of-Mine-Awareness to Friend-of-Mine Awareness to reminds me of my own Propinquity Marketing approach. I also loved Chapter 12, Keeping Score, where Jay talks about various approaches you might take to metric your efforts and establish the all important ROI.

Best of all, Jay doesn’t just talk about YOUtility, he gives you Six Blueprints to Create YOUtility so that you can go from reading about YOUtility to actually creating it in your marketing efforts.

If you read the archives here you’ll notice that I don’t review and recommend books often, but this is one that you should purchase. Jay is truly one of the smartest folks you’ll find in the digital marketing space and he’s offering a ton of that insight to you for less than $20. Be smart and take him up on it.

The Invisible Sale

Stop losing leads and sales to digitally savvy competitors. Take the first step in building your own Painless Prospecting platform that drives leads while you sleep.

  • Research shows that today's “self-educated buyers” are more than halfway through the buying decision process before they even contact you.
  • Discover Ppropinquity - the science of relationship formation
  • Learn how to create a Behavioral Email effort to make every sales call count
  • Social Selling Explained: tips, tricks and strategies for prospecting directly via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Learn how to Rightsize your marketing content: saving money by matching production quality to your specific marketing and sales needs
  • Learn from the Pros: suggestions for choosing devices, apps, software, and accessories for quickly creating high-quality DIY content
  • Real-life B2B and B2C case studies showing how others have applied Tom's techniques

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About Tom Martin

Tom is 20+ year veteran of the marketing and advertising industry with a penchant for stiff drinks, good debates and digital gadgets that helps digitally challenged companies create innovative and effective digital marketing strategies. He is the founder of Converse Digital , author of The Invisible Sale and a contributing writer for Advertising Age. Tom guides clients through the digital marketing maze and helps companies teach their sales force how to Painlessly Prospect their way to more sales. Connect with him on Google+ or follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.


  1. Thanks so much my friend. I appreciate it, and can’t WAIT for your book!!!

  2. Please thank Sean McGinnnis for without his post, I don’t get to read Tom’s article to learn about Jay’s book–which has since been purchased via Kindle!

    Thank you both for doing what you do and especially helping others. We raise our glass to all three of you!


    Martin A. Cody
    Cellar Angels, LLC


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  2. […] information sharing. As long as you consistently present (in the words of my friend Jay Baer) Youtility by providing helpful content that answer questions, they’ll continue to welcome your […]

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