July 20

How To Sell Anything, Even If You HATE Selling

A few months ago, we published, How To Sell Your Agency’s Services Even When You Hate Selling, where I shared a 5-Step process to enable any advertising, public relations or digital agency owner or business development director to immediately sell more effectively AND actually enjoy it. 

Over the last few months I have had a ton of readers tell me the third step really spoke to them and completely changed the way they think about and practice selling. But they wanted me to go deeper than a couple of paragraphs and help them understand how to truly reframe their idea of selling from Always Be Closing 🤮 to Always Be Helping 😇. 

How To Sell Greatly By Focusing on Relationships Instead of Transactions

I hate to admit this, but it really is that simple. Sales Prospects don't want to be just another notch on your sales success belt. They want you to see them as real people, with real problems in need of real solutions delivered by REAL PEOPLE. 

But as my daughter told me this weekend, "Dad, make a video. Nobody wants to read any more." 😂

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