April 25

How The Mobile Phone Is Changing Marketing

Last week I had the honor of chatting with the Social Media Club of Dallas about the role of mobile in the future of marketing. I promised I’d upload the deck and the sync’d audio of my talk for folks to share… and here it is.


Rather than discuss mobile stats or adoption rates, we spent the evening discussing a few key trends that I feel are leading to a bigger role for mobile both as content marketing tool and content consumption device.

Specifically, we talked about how mobile tools like the iPhone4 are really so much more than phones. They are full-fledged multi-media production studios that we all carry in our pocket every day.

We also reviewed numerous examples of consumers’ ability to use their smart phone as a personal HUD (Heads Up Display) for life. Today’s smart phone gives marketers the ability to push information that is presented in an easy to understand format that tomorrow’s consumer is already being trained to want.

And lastly, we talked about technologies like QR (Quick Response Codes) Codes, AR (Augmented Reality) Markers and key tips for using both.

If you’re not yet using or planning to leverage mobile marketing as a larger player in your 2011 marketing or 2012 marketing plans, you probably should. Mobile Marketing is the ultimate propinquity marketing tool because quite often, that mobile phone is the last item in the same hand that is about to grab the credit card that is going to be used to purchase your product or your competitor’s.

Think about it. Watch the slidecast and then let me know what you think. After all, as I told the folks in Dallas, I don’t have to be right, but I do have to be aware… because that’s what my clients pay me for… so let me know if you agree, disagree or whatever with the points in the deck.


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