September 17

How To Create Better Business to Business Marketing Videos

The talking head interview video is a staple in any B2B video content marketing campaign. But far too many B2B Marketers incorrectly believe that this all important content marketing service needs to be outsourced to achieve great quality. That’s simply not true and today, I want to show you how you can create beautifully shot customer testimonials, thought leader interviews, or employee communications videos yourself.

Creating Professional Looking Videos

In my book, The Invisible Sale, I devote an entire chapter to creating video content marketing. But today, I want to highlight one technique that I discuss — using a shallow focus prime lens to create more professional looking videos. It involves using a simple lens that you can buy online for about $100.

So take 2 minutes to watch me demonstrate the technique in the video below.

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Notice how my silhouette is so much better defined against the background after I change lenses. And I’m only sitting two feet from the background. If I was positioned 4-6 feet from the background, the effect would be magnified tremendously.

This is just another perfect example of how today’s equipment “does the work” for you. Will you shoot your company’s next TV commercial or employee video? Probably not. But with a small investment and a little practice, there is no reason you and your team can’t rapidly expand your use of video content marketing to drive leads and convert prospects.

The Invisible Sale

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About the author

Tom is 30 year veteran of the sales & marketing industry with a penchant for stiff drinks, good debates and showing others how to combine the power of digital platforms and technology with the science of persuasion to turn conversations into customers.

He is the founder of Converse Digital, a former contributing writer for Advertising Age, and author of The Invisible Sale regarded by readers as a "must-read for any marketing and sales team."

The Invisible Sale has been described as: showing the reader how to rip down the communication barrier between sales and marketing teams in an easy-to-digest look at how both teams can work together to attract, measure, and close prospects in today's online landscape.

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He primarily speaking on topics of sales, business development, social selling, social media and the power of consumer experiences shared via social media as the ultimate form of advertising.

Tom's probably best known for his incredibly successful, groundbreaking social media campaign to rebrand Mardi Gras from "girls gone wild" to "family friendly fun" using nothing other than social media. That work led him to create his signature tourism marketing keynote -- The Soundtrack of our Life: Leveraging Visitor Experiences To Drive Visitation.

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