How To Embed YouTube Videos in Responsive Design Websites

We recently redesigned our website to make it more funnel optimized and upgraded it to a responsive design website so it would render on smartphones. But this created one big problem – our videos didn’t resize with the rest of the site on mobile. To … [Read more...]

Marketing Expert’s Predictions:
How Accurate Are They

Every year we see the same “Biggest Trends for XXXX Year” for marketing, technology, and especially social media. In 2011, I interviewed 52 social media thought leaders to see what they thought was “NEXT”. So, as 2012 has closed, let’s see how … [Read more...]

Mobile First Strategy Keynote For Destination Marketers

Are you struggling with developing your mobile marketing strategy?  If you are, you're not alone. Mobile Strategy Keynote presentations are probably one of the most requested topics I'm receiving lately. Just as marketers have begun to really feel … [Read more...]

Destination Marketing Industry Mobile Readiness White Paper

Converse Digital’s EXCLUSIVE Mobile Benchmarking Report for Destination Marketing Organizations of all sizes is now available for FREE. This report reviews the Top 200 US Markets and answers key questions DMO’s and CVB’s are asking today. We … [Read more...]

What is the role of mobile in your marketing strategy?

Is mobile a 1st screen, 2nd screen or 3rd screen in your marketing strategy? What should it be? If you agree with author Chuck Martin, it's the Third Screen -- also the title of his book. If you favor my friend Tom Webster's view it's the First … [Read more...]