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Master Class: Painless Prospecting for Agencies – Group Master Class


This is the Eight Week GROUP VERSION Business Development Master Class course for advertising, public relations, and digital agencies that are tired of relying on referrals and “pitches” to find and win new clients. Painless Prospecting was designed and is delivered by Tom Martin, a successful agency business development executive himself, and specifically designed for biz dev executives and agency owners that want to grow their agencies STRATEGICALLY.

Each class is delivered via weekly on-demand video lessons, and then once a week, scholars participate in a 90-minute Office Hour session to discuss that week’s lessons, review any assigned homework, ask questions, and request feedback. All office hour sessions are recorded and the date/time for the weekly office hour sessions will be determined once each cohort (limit 15 agencies) have registered. We will select the date/time combination that works best for the majority of the agencies in the cohort.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Week 1: we’ll just right in with a few key definitions and concepts you’ll need to understand the Painless Prospecting system. Then we’ll quickly move into one of the most important decisions you’ll make — Marketing Automation — will you invest in the technology or not? To help you with that decision, I’ll show you how powerful and game changing the tech can be to your Painless Prospecting system.


  • Week 2: we’ll dive into Propinquity and creating it via Propinquity Points. I’ll introduce you to all of the key concepts and definitions and then walk you through the process of mapping YOUR propinquity points. I’m even giving you our proprietary Propinquity Point Mapping Excel sheet so you can begin mapping yours immediately.


  • Week 3: is where we’ll start the process of creating your very first Cornerstone Content and we’ll create TWO Cobblestones, one for use on your website and one for publication at a strategic Propinquity Point.


  • Week 4: after the heavy content lift in Week 3, I’m going to give you a lighter and likely more entertaining week 4 as I introduce you to Social Reconnaissance. Not only will I help you understand what it is and how it benefits your prospecting, nurturing and closing efforts, I’ll show you how to conduct your own Social Recon using tools and software you already own.


  • Week 5: is where I’ll show you how to Sell Greatly. I’ll show you how to nurture and close the Self-Educating prospects that have found their way into your agency’s sales funnel. I’ll also introduce you to the 5P’s of selling that virtually guarantee you’ll be able to turn any prospect conversation into a new client.


  • Week 6: now that you know how to Sell Greatly, we’ll spend this week talking Social Selling and specifically how to Cold Call with Content. Since I hate cold calling, this is one of my favorite modules and I’m guessing you’ll love it too.


  • Week 7: as we move into the final phase of the master class, we’ll spend the week diving into an oldie but a goodie — email networking and nurturing. While social media may get all the attention, email is still, and likely will always be, the workhorse of any successful sales networking and nurturing effort. So we’ll talk strategy and then I’ll introduce you to FIVE of the most important best practices you’ll need to master.


  • Week 8: well I saved the best for last — closing the deal. Argggg, this can often be the most stressful step of the process. So often clients come with poorly scoped (or no scope) projects, vague (or non-existent) budgets and ask you to “send us a proposal.” In other words, guess and hope you’re right. But with my BSGC Pricing Proposal Template and approach, I’m going to give you a way to eliminate all of that stress AND close more profitable deals faster and with little to no conflict or actual negotiations on your part. As one scholar said, this one module WAS WORTH THE PRICE OF THE ENTIRE MASTER CLASS. You’ll also receive access to our proprietary BSGC Proposal Google Sheet to begin using immediately.

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