Tom Martin – Founder & President

Tom Martin Social Selling Keynote Speaker and Sell Greatly Sales Trainer Tom is an author, internationally recognized social selling speaker, and a former contributor to Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary. He founded Converse Digital in 2010 after a 20-year career in the advertising agency business to help people and organizations learn how to turn conversations into customers.

In 2013, Pearson published Tom’s first book, The Invisible Sale, available everywhere books are sold. He keeps threatening to write that second book — Sell Greatly — but he’s been so busy teaching people how to Sell Greatly, that he just can’t seem to find the time yet. But stay tuned.

His previous experience includes Temerlin McClain Advertising in Dallas, Texas where he developed direct marketing, retail and corporate branding programs for various American Airlines service offerings. After leaving Temerlin in 1994, Tom would spend the balance of his career largely responsible for business development at agencies throughout New Orleans.

As Vice President, Business Development at Peter A. Mayer Advertising, he created the firm’s business development program, which generated over 35% growth in new billings in just over four years. Leveraging the systems and approaches developed there he founded his own brand strategy firm, Brandmarken, which he successfully ran until Hurricane Katrina forced the young firm to disband.

It was during his short return to advertising as President of another mid-sized New Orleans based firm that Tom developed the framework that is now Painless Prospecting. Based on the belief that getting known for knowledge is more efficient and effective than cold calling, Tom set out to prove his theory in the real world with the founding of Converse Digital.

Since the founding of the firm in 2010, Converse Digital has enjoyed consistent year-over-year growth without making a single cold call or running any paid advertising or participating in a single “agency pitch”. All of the firm’s clients are the result of inbound leads as a result of content marketing and social media marketing efforts that are the hallmark of his Sell Greatly approach to selling.

Tom is an active member of the New Orleans marketing community and served as the President of the American Marketing Association chapter. In 2008, the Advertising Federation named him Agency Executive of the Year and in 2010 the IABC named him Communicator of the Year.

He is a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Advertising and is a happily married, but tired father of four.

When not helping his clients better leverage digital platforms to grow their business, he enjoys reading, cycling and the very, very occasional round of golf.

Also, rumor has it he once starred alongside Tyler Florence on an episode of Food 911, which aired nationally on the Food Network. But you’d have to ask him about that one yourself.