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BSGC Pricing Approach & Template


Everything you need to begin creating your own BSGC Pricing Proposal Template immediately. You’ll have instant access to our fully developed Google Sheet template and a step-by-step, 22-minute video where Tom shows you how to build out your custom BSGC Proposal Template.

One of the biggest challenges in the business development process is pricing. Sometimes you’re lucky, and the prospective client comes to you with a set budget and a well-defined scope of needs. But far too often, and especially if you’re pitching a project, that simply isn’t the case. Either because the client cannot accurately determine the services, they require and/or they can’t or won’t disclose a budget.

In either case, I’ve developed a powerful, simple solution — the BSGC Pricing Proposal template. This incredibly powerful Google Sheet is the ultimate self-education tool. With it, you can quickly and easily guide a prospect through multiple scope/pricing options based on various service offering combinations or different levels of the same core set of service offerings.

When you purchase this mini-course, you’ll receive instant access to the BSGC Template Download link and my How To Use the Template lesson video.

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