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Are You Struggling To Learn How To Sell Virtually?

Meaningful conversations are the most powerful virtual selling tools in your sales and marketing toolbox. But they don’t just happen. And the secret sauce to creating and converting them isn't a script, or automation program, or any of the conversational shortcuts you find advertised all over the Internet and social media. In fact, the folks that follow that well-worn pathway find failure far more often than success.  But it doesn't have to be that way for you. There is another option. It may take a bit longer, and require a bit more effort on your part BUT will guarantee your virtual selling skills, your comfort with virtual selling, and your virtual selling success all improve.

What far too many people don't realize is that Virtual Selling success is more than just social serendipity. You need the right mix of tools, time, and virtual selling skills training, to teach you how to leverage social listening and analytics tools, the right CRM, and a strategically proven virtual selling approach to make virtual selling magic happen.

But, once you bring all of the tools and training together, conversations start, and customers and prospects begin engaging, revealing previously hidden buying signals and opening the door to deeper conversations that more reliably convert to new orders and customers.

Looking For a Proven Virtual Sales Process?

Then you're in the right place. Whether it's learning how to win the Invisible Sale with our Painless Prospecting, lead generation program or our Sell Greatly approach to creating and nurturing conversations that convert to customers, we've been selling our services virtually for over a decade. 

That's right. Our virtual selling skills training isn't based on adapting a traditional sales process to a worldwide pandemic requiring virtual selling skills to survive.

Instead, it's the key to our success and ability to launch a company with no clients, no funding, and only 2-weeks notice — and then build it into a globally recognized leader in social selling, including authoring the most prescriptive book published to date on exactly how to leverage the science of Propinquity, the efficiencies of our Cornerstone & Cobblestones content marketing production process and our proprietary Propinquity Points process to surround your prospects with you, your content and your brand so that when they need what you sell, yours is the only voice they hear. 


You recently presented at the SHI Virtual Sales Conference, and I am now a HUGE FAN! I've been in Sales or Sales Training for a very long time, and you totally impressed me. I am very familiar with some of the concepts you spoke about and even trained some of them myself but the way you presented the information was outstanding. I very much appreciated your style and picked up a few new things myself. 

Cindy Genadry-Vatter Enterprise Sales Trainer

Do You Understand These Key Virtual Selling Skills

  • How to find and research potential sales prospects using freely available public data on the Internet and shared via social media platforms
  • How to ensure your digital presence creates an impactful first impression against potential clients and customers that discover you via social media or other digital platforms 
  • How to passively approach a potential sales prospect on social media and create permission to initiate a conversation with them
  • How to leverage Conversational Catalysts to begin a first-time conversation with a sales prospect that increases the likelihood they'll choose to engage with you and virtually guarantees they won't block you
  • How to combine simple digital outreach programs with strategically focused content curation to successfully nurture sales prospects at scale without those prospects feeling like you're spamming their inbox
  • How to reformat your PowerPoint decks that work great in a boardroom to effectively support your sales efforts in a Zoom room
  • How to reformat your sales presentations to minimize the sales hurdles presented by virtual sales presentations and maximize your ability to keep your prospective customer mentally focused on you and your sales message

If not, let us teach them to you. The unfortunate (or fortunate depending on your point of view) truth is that Virtual Selling isn't going anywhere. Virtual Selling IS the new normal and the faster you develop these and other essential virtual selling skills, the faster you'll adapt and overcome the new sales hurdles brought about by the global pandemic.

So what are you waiting for? Let's discuss your needs and the various virtual sales training programs we offer or can create for you or your organization.

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Why Should You Choose Our Virtual Selling Skills Training? 

Honestly, we think our virtual selling skills training is the best training on the market for three reasons: 

  1. 1
    Over a decade of proven experience: we didn't just start using and teaching virtual selling skills because a pandemic rendered our traditional sales training programs largely irrelevant. Our programs are based on the lessons we've learned, selling virtually since our founding in 2010. 
  2. 2
    No silver bullets or cookie cutters here: unlike most other training programs that focus on providing the WHAT— templates, scripts, and processes to follow, we focus on teaching you the WHY — the psychology behind the techniques and approaches we advocate. While all of those checklists and templates make you feel like you're prepared, the truth is, they've simply guided you.  Like a fishing guide that takes you to his favorite fishing hole and shows you what lure to use and where to cast, it's great because you catch fish. And as long as you always fish that same hole, that same time of the year, and under the same weather conditions, you'll be just fine and continue catching fish. But if any of the variables (location, time of year, or weather) change, you're out of luck because you don't know WHY he chose that lure during that time of the year and under those weather conditions. 
  3. 3
    Real training from real people: we don't just train people in the art and science of virtual selling, we practice it each and every day selling our own sales and marketing services to prospective clients all around the world. And unlike the fishing guide, we don't want you to have to rely on us to reteach you every time the world changes. Instead, we want to make sure you can adapt, improvise and overcome any new selling challenges the world may toss your way today or in the future. 

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