Social Selling Consulting Engagements

Social Selling is a habit, not a workshop.

That might sound funny coming from an social selling agency that produces social selling workshops, but it’s the truth. Social Selling isn’t just about teaching your sales team how to use Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to prospect for and nurture sales leads. It’s about retraining your sales & marketing teams to fundamentally change their approach to the sales strategy & marketing support process.

Done well, social selling increases sales ready lead volume, decreases sales cycle time and increases your sales conversion percentage. But that sales nirvana can’t be achieved with a simple one-day social selling workshop. No, it requires a well planned, long-term sales strategy designed to create an ongoing commitment to social selling.

For those organizations that are ready to go beyond the workshop, we offer ongoing customized social selling strategy development and tactical support.  Every engagement is different but a consulting engagement can include any or all of the following:

    • Development of buyer personas using publicly available social media data and conversation mining
    • Development of individual prospect dossiers providing sales teams with highly detailed prospect information for use in enhanced online and offline sales prospecting efforts
    • Development of overarching social selling, reputation enhancement and brand perception sales & marketing strategies to drive more effective social selling programs
    • Development of Social Recon Reports based on digital qualitative research methodologies such as Virtual Community Feedback Meetings (similar to online focus groups) and day-in-the-life ethnographic studies
    • Development of ongoing brand ambassador programs to build long-term customer affinity and real-time customer feedback loops
    • Development of content marketing strategies for both campaigns and individual content assets
    • Office Hours — pre-scheduled blocks of time for virtual coaching of sales & marketing team members that provides a safe forum for your team members to ask questions, request additional personalized assistance and/or consulting support or engage in additional follow-up social selling training

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