Talking With Tom

Talking With Tom 100% Mobile Video Blog

How do you convince small business owners that technology is approachable and powerful?

That was the challenge Emma had with it’s world-class email marketing platform. Designed to be easy to use for even the smallest business but powerful enough to compete against the world’s biggest companies, Emma needed a way to show vs tell their prospects that these companies could do it — they could leverage the power of technology to grow their business.

And in this challenge was born.

The idea, a product of our ThinkAbout process, was simple. The iPhone had just introduced onboard video editing. What does that mean you ask? It means that a user could now shoot a video and edit it on the iPhone.

But we didn’t stop there… not only were we going to shoot and edit the video on the phone, we were also going to write and publish the entire TalkingWithTom blog from the iPhone. That’s right… no computer necessary. No one had ever written and managed an entire blog using just a mobile device.

And that was the big idea…. one man and one iPhone would produce and managed a 52-week video blog where each week Emma brought viewers another world-class thought leader sharing their view of “what’s next.” And in doing so, we demonstrated to everyone (including Emma’s customers and prospects) that today’s technology made the difficult easy.

And the lagniappe on the project? Emma created relationships with 52 world-class thought leaders in the digital and social media space. Relationships that grew into business opportunities and additional viral support for the Emma brand.