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When is the last time you and your team spent one entire day just thinking? 

No emails. No texts. No daily meetings. No Zoom calls. No fire drills.

Just one entire day focused on solving the most important issues facing you, your team, your brand or product or maybe even your customer.

That’s the power of a ThinkAbout. In today’s email, social media, meeting and phone call overload world, simply focusing on a single issue for a predetermined period of time is a feat in and of itself.

Combine that focused effort with innovative ideation processes, deep consumer insights, and experienced moderators that have a proven track record of helping teams just like yours unlock powerful creative forces that lead to ground-breaking efforts, and you have a recipe for creating game-changing ideas.

We’ll Be The Dumbest People In The Room

And we’re okay with that.

It gives us the permission to ask the “stupid” question. We get the pass.

Often, that stupid question wasn’t so stupid after all. It can be the catalyst for some deep thinking about the biggest challenges faced by senior leadership. It can uncover the hidden organizational bias that has hamstrung you and your team from solving the very issue we’ve been brought in to ThinkAbout. Impasses become insights. 

Our job isn’t to be smarter than you. It’s our job as facilitators to better equip you to push through the walls of your current thinking by asking lots of questions and challenging you to do more and get curious. To inspire a thought or three and show you how you might weave those into a solution for the problem that’s frustrated you for so long.

Is Perception Reality?

Or can you shift perceptions with a virtual experience? That was the question Tom, Tabasco and Sheraton Hotels set out to answer in 2010 by live streaming, live tweeting and live blogging the 2010 Mardi Gras.

Tabasco & Sheraton were almost a decade ahead of their time when in 2010, Tom helped them conceive and launch -- a 10-day, live streaming odyssey that brought the New Orleans Mardi Gras to the world using breakthrough mobile live streaming technology in an effort to show the world that Mardi Gras isn’t just girls gone wild, but in fact, is a lot of family friendly fun.

Did it work? There’s only one way to find out. Schedule a call to hear for yourself.

Vulnerable Conversations

How do you get conversations going around difficult or painful topics, like diabetics openly talking about debilitating complications like Diabetic Neuropathy on social media? And more importantly, how do you do it when the CEO puts the marketing team under a gag order — no proactive posting or conversing on social media platforms.

We accepted that challenge.

Our solution helped us uncover a key insight and build strong authentic relationships with key opinion leaders (influencers) that ultimately led to the Diabetes Hope Conference – a first of its kind, virtual, half-day world-wide conference devoted to bringing hope to those living with diabetes. Bringing them together with leading doctors, researchers, and the head of the American Diabetes Association for a 3-hour, 3-panel based conversation around the hard issues that diabetics everywhere face.

Want to see how we did it? Schedule a call to find out for yourself.

Making technology accessible to SMBs

How do you convince technologically challenged SMB companies they can leverage content and email marketing efforts to grow their business, regardless of their current technology fluency?

You create — a 100% mobile-produced video blog shot, edited, produced, and published — all from an iPhone. 

One man, armed with an iPhone and a mobile-powered blog, helped Emma, a world-class email marketing platform, show everyone that even small businesses and individuals could leverage today’s powerful technology to do things they never dreamed.
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