The power of the ThinkAbout is in its ability to focus your teams’ thinking around key audience insights. In today’s email, social media, meeting and phone call overload world, simply focusing on a single issue for a predetermined period of time is a feat in and of itself. Combine that focused effort with proven ideation strategies and deep consumer insights and you unlock powerful creative forces that lead to ground-breaking efforts like the ones below.

  • MyMardiExperience.com — while livestreaming events is commonplace today, Tabasco was almost a decade ahead of its time when in 2010, Tom helped them launch a 10-day, livestreaming odyssey that brought the New Orleans Mardi Gras to the world – live – using breakthrough mobile livestreaming technology. We even placed Peter Shankman, one of the most popular blogger influencers in the world, on a Mardi Gras float on Fat Tuesday, where he live streamed his entire ride while holding a Tweet-In Show.
  • TalkingWithTom.com — a 100% mobile produced video blog that was shot, edited, produced and published — all from an iPhone. That’s right, no computer used at all. How’s that possible you might ask? One man, armed with an iPhone and a mobile powered blog, helped Emma, a world-class email marketing platform, show everyone that even small businesses and individuals could leverage today’s powerful technology to do things they never dreamed.
  • Diabetes Hope Conference — how do you get diabetics to talk about horrible complications like Diabetic Neuropathy on social media? And more importantly, how do you do it when the CEO puts the marketing team under a gag order — no proactive posting or conversing on social media platforms. That was the challenge we accepted. The solution — virtual “focus groups” that uncovered a key insight around which we crafted the Diabetes Hope Conference – a first of its kind, virtual, half-day world-wide conference devoted to bringing hope to diabetics. Bringing them together with leading doctors, researchers, even the head of the American Diabetics Association for a 3-hour, 3-panel based conversation around the hard issues that diabetics everywhere face.

What Are ThinkAbouts?

Dedicated half- and full-day sessions where our experienced team pushes and prods your marketing team, your agency, and your senior management to see your product or service through new lenses. Lenses based on Social Reconnaissance that bring about clarity and eye-opening insights that lead to breakthrough ideas to give you the edge against the competition.

This isn’t your father’s brainstorming session. This is focused, strategic ideation based on a 10-year old process that we’ve repeatedly used to help us create innovative, economical marketing programs that produce results for the brands that fund them.

Why Do You Need a ThinkAbout?

What’s the value of the consumer insight you never had? Or the breakthrough campaign you never imagined? Or the person or company that can help you discover one or both?

That’s exactly what we do in our ThinkAbouts. And that’s why you need to learn more about how these proven success generators can help you edge out the competition this year.

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