Why Conversations Are Essential in Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Most influencer campaigns today are really thinly veiled awareness ad campaigns. Companies are simply renting access to an influencer's audience on the misguided belief that this access will generate sales by association. But this is a short-sighted … [Read more...]

Did Your Influencer Just Become a Celebrity?

You can't turn around in marketing today without hearing someone or some company talking about Influencer Marketing. It seems every company wants to figure out how to leverage an influencer marketing strategy to grow their brand and sales. But from … [Read more...]

5 Steps to better blogger/ad agency relationships

A few years ago I participated in a panel at BlogWorld Expo in Vegas. I had the pleasure of serving on a panel with a few outstanding travel marketers,  Doug Anweiler, Leanne Jakubowski and Mike Taylor where we tried to help travel bloggers … [Read more...]

The One Thing Every Blogger Outreach Campaign Needs

So last week I asked you to look at a picture and then tell me What's Missing From Your Blogger Outreach Strategy? So many of you responded, none correctly (at least as to what I thought was missing) so I wanted to share what I thought was missing … [Read more...]

What’s More Important… Impacts or Impressions?

What drives the bottom line more... gross tonnage (impressions) or fewer, highly targeted impacts? For most of my career I was taught that impressions were the golden goose. But a few years ago, back in 2008, something really interesting happened on … [Read more...]