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Not all that glitters is gold.

What’s the ROI of fame? We’re not talking about brand reputation or visibility here. We’re talking about the perceived value of using influencers as a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Influencer marketing has birthed a cottage industry of influencers & social media personalities raking in bookoo bucks by promoting brands to their audiences….but are brands really benefiting from the partnership?

It’s an important question to ask.

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We believe the difference between fame and authority is really quite simple. Famous people are known but authoritative people are followed. And while research supports the concept of influencer authority and there are numerous examples of companies levering influencer marketing to grow sales, we believe influencer marketing isn’t the one size fits all that far too many agencies claim.

We’re far less worried about an influencer’s ability to spread your word. Instead, we take a deep dive into their world to confirm they don’t just create awareness of your brand, but more importantly, convince their followers to buy it. So we build real, long-term relationships with them to leverage their brand halo to benefit your brand.

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