October 8

How Brands Win by Whispering Instead of Shouting

We’ve all been in that conversation where it’s hard to focus on the person who is speaking to us, because we’re overhearing a much more interesting conversation happening elsewhere.

And if  you think about how brands are competing for our attention online, that describes it in a nutshell.

So much chatter… with everyone trying to talk to us at the same time. But you know who stands out?

That one brand that’s hanging back, not shouting with flashy ads and clickbait, but instead is whispering. 

Psst, I’ve been paying attention to you and I have something you may like over here.

That one brand that is whispering only to you versus yelling at anyone who might listen.

This week, we asked our founder and president, Tom Martin for his take on the idea. Check out the video to see how we think a whispering technique can propel your brand into conversations that convert into customers

Want To Learn How To Whisper?

Interested to learn more about whispering? Wonder if your brand could become more successful by whispering?

Why not schedule a quick 30-minute call with Tom to find out????


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