Six Key Benefits of Podcasting as a Sales Prospecting Tool

If you’re looking for an opportunity to change up your digital marketing or to give your readers a different way of experiencing your content, podcasting can be an easy, inexpensive option. Podcasting is the regularly scheduled production and … [Read more...]

Seven Resolutions Your Agency Can't Afford Not to Make

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Is Overhead the Enemy of Innovation?

Innovation is sexy. It puts you ahead of the competition because you can offer a new tool for the marketer's toolbox. It gets you meetings with prospects and new streams of funding from current clients. It excites your employees and gets you press. … [Read more...]

You're Fired And It's All Your Mom's Fault

Keeping Your Job Requires Being Honest, not Nice Have you ever received the call? You know the one where the client tells you how much they love you, respect you and the contributions your agency has made to their brand but... read more … [Read more...]

True Ad People Are Natural-Born Problem Solvers

Even More Thoughts from the Small Agency Conference It never fails. You go to a conference, and I don't care how good it is, the best session ends up being a hallway conversation or meeting over dinner, drinks or coffee. And so it was at the Ad Age … [Read more...]