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Tom Martin - Digital Strategy Advisor - Ad Age Post How to Win More of Your Pitches in 2014

Advertising Age, December 23, 2013

Take a minute and count how many pitches you participated in this year. Now, how many did you win? I’m guessing that you lost way more pitches than you won. So why is that? And what can you do to change those odds next year?

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Tom Martin - Digital Strategy Advisor - The Agency Post Turning Links Into Leads

The Agency Post, August 19, 2013

The problem with social media ROI discussions today and how to develop a social media powered business development plan of attack for a better tomorrow.

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Tom Martin - Digital Strategy Advisor - Ad Age PostWhat Agencies Can Learn From the Way Rock Stars Turn Customers Into Fans

Advertising Age Magazine, August 7, 2013

As my first boss told me, brands hire people not agencies. Rock stars get this point, and invest time and effort in creating opportunities for their fans to bond with them as people, as opposed to performers. As an agency owner or someone in charge of business development, you can learn from these rock stars. Understand that a greater level of interaction leads to more likability, which leads to trust, which leads to advocacy.

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How To Lose Weight While Blogging

MarketingProfs, June 19, 2013

If you’ve ever said you didn’t have time to write or exercise more, this blog post is for you. We all wish we could create more content and shed more pounds, but inevitably, both goals get placed behind “doing my job” on the to-do list of life. But that ends today. In this post, I’m going to show you how to lose weight and create content at the same time.

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How To Leverage Science of Relationships to Gain True Influence

Copyblogger, June 18, 2013

Establishing influence is a multi-step process that moves the influenced through four key stages. This article provides the actionable insight that your strategic plan needs to move you through each stage of the process.

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Tom Martin - Digital Strategy Advisor - Ad Age PostYou Can’t Get New Business if Prospective Clients Can’t Find You

Advertising Age Magazine, May 16, 2013

A Strategic Inflection Point is “a time in the life of the business when its fundamentals are about to change. They are full-scale changes in the way business is conducted, so that simply adopting new technology or fighting the competition as you used to may be insufficient.” This is the point at which many agencies now find themselves — though often they seem to be in denial. Position yourself to adapt to clients’ changing expectations and set yourself above the competition.

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Tom Martin - Digital Strategy Advisor - Ad Age Post Seven Tips for Pitching New Client’s

Advertising Age Magazine, June 26, 2012

Over the years I learned a lot about how to pitch. I have consulted with agency pitch consultants, debriefed prospects post-pitch and tried to learn from my own mistakes. Over the last month I was given the to sit on the other side of the pitch table. Everything in this article is based on the post-pitch discussions in the client-selection committee.

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Tom Martin - Painless Content Creation - Social Fresh The 8 Simple Secrets To iPhone Video Blogging

Social Fresh, July 12, 2010

Is it possible to create an entire year long video blog using nothing other than an iPhone? Yes, it is. I talk about how here.

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Tom Martin - Digital Strategy Advisor - Social Media Examiner Integrating Social & Traditional Marketing

Social Media Examiner, October 8, 2010

Companies want the answer but maybe it would be better to ask the question — “how to think” about integrating social media, digital media, old media and the blending of all of it. We need to be asking for a framework, not a solution.

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