2nd Click Content

Most content produced today is 1st Click Content. First Click Content is designed to drive a prospective customer to your website from either a guest post or Google. Second Click Content is designed to answer specific questions and propels the prospect one step further down the sales process pipeline. First Click Content concerns itself with concepts and goals like virality, most clicked, and most shared. 2nd Click Content focuses on answering very specific questions with highly detailed, in-depth, and to a non-targeted prospect, with largely boring but highly informative answers.

It’s the content that is really deep, examines a concept in a very thorough manner and often answers very specific, niche questions. It is this depth and thoroughness of the content that makes it an ideal anchor link to place in those guest posts you are publishing on other people’s websites. Second Click Content isn’t designed to achieve page 1 Google SERP. Instead it gives you the ability to really provide the depth of information required buy serious buyers reading a guest post without having to include all of that deep info in the actual guest post itself. Which in our opinion is the proper use of anchor text inside a guest post. And because you are utilizing second click content and anchor texts properly, you increase the chances and likelihood that the owner of the website on which you are guest posting will allow that anchor text to remain in the final published post.

The second role of 2nd Click Content is converting a sales prospect into a customer. Think of Second Click Content like a sales slick or follow up brochure. When your sales teams are nurturing sales prospects they can send links to your 2nd Click Content as a way of providing additional information or answering questions. In doing so they are able to show vs tell, a far more effective sales nurturing approach when dealing with today’s self educated buyers.

Finally, it’s important to note that properly developed 2nd Click Content should probably not be indexed by Google since you’ll likely have multiple versions of the same Second Click Content, only varied for specific industry or sales prospect types. Thus, Google could penalize your site for duplicate content.

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