2nd Click Content

What is 2nd Click Content?

We create second click content to help a sales prospect complete their education and move them one step closer to buying something from us.

It often dives very deep into the what’s and why’s behind purchase decisions, examines a concept in a very thorough manner and often answers very specific, niche questions.

Second Click content is usually only accessed by clicking on a link to it from another piece of content – hence it’s the readers’ or viewers’ second click. Technically 2nd Click content could be audio, video, photographic, etc, but usually it’s text based because you want to make sure the prospect can consume it regardless of their current environment. 

How do you use Second Click Content?

There are two primary use cases for 2nd Click Content.

First, use it to provide in-depth information required buy serious buyers reading a guest post or a post on your own website, without having to include all of that deep info in the actual post itself. Just use a keyword or key phrase as an anchor link back to the 2nd Click content page on your website.

Second, use it to convert a sales prospect into a customer. Think of Second Click Content like a sales slick or follow up brochure. When your sales teams are nurturing sales prospects they can send links to your 2nd Click Content as a way of providing additional information or answering questions. In doing so they are able to show vs tell, a far more effective sales nurturing approach when dealing with today’s self educated buyers. And,  when your sales teams embed links to your 2nd Click content in emails, social media posts or even your website’s ChatBot, the resulting invisible buying signals created when your sales prospects click on those links, will aid in developing sales nurturing and closing strategies. 

Finally, it’s important to note that properly developed 2nd Click Content should probably not be indexed by Google since you’ll likely have multiple versions of the same Second Click Content, only varied for specific industry or sales prospect types. Thus, Google could penalize your site for duplicate content.

Want to learn more about 2nd Click Content and its role in Social Selling? Just drop us a line.

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