stop struggling to create project pricing proposals

Replace your one-off, angst-ridden proposal writing and presenting process with our BSGC Agency Pricing Template and make your agency proposal building point-and-click simple. Save time. Stop stressing. And convert more prospects to clients. 

BSGC Proposals

The Point-and-Click Simple Way To Quickly Build Profitable Project Pricing Proposals.

Save Time

Stop wasting your valuable time. With this tool, you'll create custom pricing proposals for new projects in minutes rather than hours or days. 

Escape price and scope revision hell. With this tool, your prospects can mix and match your offerings, choosing the right combination that fits their budget and meets their needs — without you making a single edit.  

Close deals faster and more consistently when your prospects feel in control of the pricing process.

Do You Struggle to Justify Your Prices?

You're not alone! Research has shown that ordinarily confident, creative powerhouses turn into angst-ridden, anxiety-suffering salespeople when forced to present and defend their pricing. 

Am I defining too large of a scope of services?

Should I charge less for this deliverable? 

Can they afford to pay me this fee?

Will my pricing scare them off?

Will they think I'm too expensive? 

Are these the types of questions that run through your mind EVERY time you create a proposal? 

It doesn't have to be that way. You need a better pricing proposal tool. That's why we've built today's most straightforward, customizable, point-and-click, easy agency pricing template.  

easily present THREE different options

bronze level

This is your minimally viable option. You'll have to cut corners, but the final product will create value for your client.

silver level

This option is based on your best budgetary and scope guess and represents the most likely choice.

gold level

This is your stretch option. You include a few items you think will excite the client but you're not sure if they fit the budget.

The Secret feature that changes everything

The CUSTOM Option

The truth is, prospects almost NEVER select the Bronze, Silver, or Gold option. Instead, they prefer to mix and match your offerings to create a unique solution that represents their best option. It's this Custom Option that changes the entire pricing conversation

Now, instead of negotiating how much things should cost, you're working with your prospect to help them select the best combination of deliverables to maximize their budget and drive the best ROI for the project or campaign. 

And because they're making the changes themselves or during a face-to-face or virtual meeting with you, the exhausting revision process is eliminated.

How will the bsgc pricing Template benefit you?

  • Stop guessing. If a prospect can't or won't provide a budget for a project or campaign, the BSGC Agency Pricing Template helps you quickly provide three different scope options at three different price points. 
  • Save time creating and revising your proposals. Once you've loaded your billable rates into the Rates Sheet and built out your cost per standard deliverable in the Pricing Sheet, just point-and-click on the Proposal Sheet to select deliverables, enter the number of units of each deliverable, and the sheet automatically generates the pricing.
  • Remove the anxiety and stress associated with presenting your prices. Because the BSGC Tool productizes your pricing, it magically changes the context of pricing discussions. No longer are you negotiating over how much something should cost. Instead, you're sitting side-by-side with your prospect co-creating the ideal scope/price mix to generate the greatest ROI for their investment. 
  • Stop wasting time revising your proposals over and over again. Often, prospects don't exactly know what they want or need. So, they use your proposal process to determine what they need and can afford. The BSGC Proposal Tool shifts all of that revision work off your shoulders and onto theirs — best of all, they readily accept it because it makes them feel more in control of the final pricing and scope. 
  • Confidently present your pricing to prospective clients. With the BSGC Proposal Builder, you'll convincingly present your pricing confident the underlying inputs are fair, accurate, and necessary to create a profitable contract for you. 
  • Improve your closing rate. BSGC users have all reported winning more client projects and doing so far more quickly than before adopting a BSGC approach to pricing and presenting their proposals. 

If you feel like you're underselling your services because you can't justify the value, you owe it to yourself to try our BSGC Agency Pricing Template today. 

What a *very* useful tool!

Wow. What a *very* useful tool! I love how it changes the pricing discussion from negotiating costs to selecting the optimum combination of deliverables to create the best value for my client. So much easier!

Tamsen Webster

   Consultant & Author of Find Your Red Thread

it's as easy as 1... 2... 3...

Once you download our custom Google Sheet Template, you enter your standard rates, calculate your item pricing, and then when you're ready to create your first proposal, simply open the Pricing Sheet, double-click in the first Item Cell, and presto — a drop-down menu containing all of your items appears. Just scroll to the item you need and select it. Next, determine how many units of that item you want to include under your Bronze, Silver, and Gold options. Rinse and repeat until you complete your proposal. The Google Sheet will automatically update all pricing as you enter information. Once you're happy with the pricing, you can insert it into your proposal or walk your prospect through it face-to-face or over the phone. Click Here to see the template in action. 

enter Your hourly rates

Enter your current hourly rates for each team member or employee classification. You can even change them at any time and the pricing template will automatically update all item pricing using the new rates. 


For each item you create, simply indicate how much time, on average it takes each person to complete their portion of the item and enter it in the appropriate cell. You can even include hard costs. 

create your proposal

Open the Pricing Sheet and begin selecting items from the drop-down list. Once you've selected all of the items, determine which ones, and how many of each, you'll offer under the Bronze, Silver, and Gold options.

Check out

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AMAZING! I'm going to share this with my entire Spin Sucks Community.  

G. Dietrich

Founder, Spin Sucks

Brilliant! SO SMART and easy to use.  

C. Sinclair

Freelance Graphic Designer

OMG. Where has this been all of my life?!! Truly point-and-click simple!

H. Miller

Agency Owner

See the template in action

Let Tom walk you through a quick demo of creating a proposal using the BSGC Agency Pricing Template Proposal Builder Tool. He'll share the thinking behind why the tool works as it does and show you examples of what the interface looks like and how easy it is to use. When he's done, you'll agree; it's point-and-click simple.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee fully protects you. If you don't feel like our BSGC Agency Pricing template makes it point-and-click easy to create pricing proposals, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

frequently asked questions

How do i create individual proposals?

Once you've gained access to the master BSGC Template, you will enter your rates and item pricing. That becomes your Master BSGC Template. Each time you need to create a new proposal, you will open your master file, copy it, rename the copy, and proceed to build out a proposal for that prospect.

Do You Help me with the initial template set up? 

We purposely designed our BSGC Agency Pricing Template to be point-and-click, easy to set up and use, but we know sometimes people have questions. So we offer a 30-minute, one-on-one onboarding Zoom Call for those who need a little extra help.  You can learn more here or just add it to your cart when you check out. 

Are my hourly inputs and rates viewable to prospects?

No. The last step to creating a BSGC Proposal for a prospect is hiding and protecting the Pricing Input Sheet, the Rate Sheet, and the Costing Columns on the final Pricing Sheet. Once hidden, you then protect them. You'll also protect the inputs and pricing in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold columns so your prospect cannot change those. Once you're finished (about 5 minutes), your prospect will ONLY be able to enter information in the Custom Column. 

If i let my employees use the pricing template, won't they see all of the rate information?

No. We purposely built the tool so that you, or if you're a larger agency with an accounting department, set up the Rate Sheet and the Pricing Input Sheet. Then, you hide and protect both of those sheets. You then send that file along to your employees to use as their pricing tool. They'll still be able to build out proposals using the Pricing Sheet, but they won't be able to see any of the information on the Rate or Pricing Input sheets.

what do I do if i change my rates or item pricing?

The BSGC Template was designed to evolve with you as your business grows. If you want to change your standard rates or standard charge for a particular item, change your master BSGC Template. If you want to change rates or item costs for an individual prospect proposal, make those changes after you make a copy of your master BSGC file and save it under a custom name for that prospect. 

if I change my rates or item pricing, will that change update in previously produced proposals?

No. Once you create your master BSGC Pricing Template file, you start each new proposal by copying the master file. This ensures you never accidentally alter your master file.  Once you build out a proposal, changing rates or item pricing in your master BSGC Template will not impact prior proposals. The new pricing will only be reflected in future proposals. 

I'm in love with the BSGC Pricing template. I closed the first THREE prospects I presented to using the template. I'm still blown away. 


   Owner, The it Crowd Agency

Lindsey Huettner Transparent

are you ready to get started? 

Grab your very own copy of our BSGC Pricing Template & Proposal Builder right now and start looking forward to talking to prospective clients about your pricing vs. dreading the conversation.