Social Media Keynotes

Social Media Keynotes

I’ve developed two groundbreaking new keynotes. So to help promote them, and just in time for the spring conference season, I’m having a special sale on these two keynotes. That’s right, for a limited time I’m reducing my standard $10,000 speaking fee by 50% for the first SIX keynotes that book and deliver in 2018 under this special offer.

So why am I doing this? Simple:

  • As any professional speaker will tell you — keynotes get better over time. The more you deliver them to live audiences the more the audiences’ feedback helps you evolve the talk, the stories, the jokes, and delivery, to really develop a world-class talk. I’m so excited about these two new talks that I want to fast-track that process and I think cutting you a deal will help me accomplish that goal.
  • I took about 18-months off the speaking circuit. While that was great fun, it means that most of my speaking promotion video and photography is a bit dated. Again, I’d like to quickly change that hence this incredible 50% off offer and requirement that all keynotes occur in calendar 2018.
  • My son is turning 16 this year and will begin driving. Do you know how much it costs to insure a 16-year old boy in New Orleans, Louisiana these days? I’m only half kidding on this one.

The bottom line is I think these may be two of the best keynotes I’ve ever developed. In each case, I’m taking commonly held ideas about social media, social selling, influencer marketing, etc., and tilting them a tad to help your audience think differently about the subject matter. These two keynotes go so far beyond educating the audience… they’re specifically designed to inspire the audience to break out of the standard digital marketing strategy box.

And I don’t want price to be a barrier to your audience hearing these incredible messages.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how this offer works.

What Tom Martin will provide to your conference or company:

  • One 60-minute keynote of your choice (see included keynote presentations below)
  • A pre-conference “Why you should attend” video encouraging people to attend the conference
  • 1-hour book signing (book must be purchased separately) event*
  • Attendance at a 2-hour pre-event VIP reception the evening before the keynote*

* optional items at no additional cost

What you’ll provide:

  • $5,000 speaker honorarium paid in full upon execution of speaker agreement
  • Airfare, hotel, airport transfers, and reasonable meal expenses for two (Tom plus one of our content creators) paid NET 10 after your event.
  • Professional video capture of the keynote. We’d prefer a two- or three-camera set-up. Converse Digital will receive all raw footage along with non-exclusive rights to use the footage in perpetuity to promote myself as a public speaker.

And now the really, really important and exciting part… the keynotes. Here they are… you get to choose which one you’d like.

Tom Martin Public Speaker Keynotes

Keynote #1 – Turning Conversations Into Customers

What if you could increase your brand’s social reach 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 fold without increasing your marketing budget 1 cent? Think that’s absurd or impossible? Think again. By harnessing the power of Social Agents and a drastically different strategic approach to your social media, content marketing and community management programs you can create a worldwide sales force that creates awareness, preference and ultimately sales for your brand every day.

The secret is changing your go to market strategy. You need to focus more on conversations and less on customers and realize your primary role is to empower the former versus creating the latter.

If you’re ready to defy conventional thinking, join Tom Martin for a wild ride in this groundbreaking keynote session.

Here’s a small sample, from a similar keynote, of the talk you’ll receive.


Tom Martin Public Speaker Keynotes

Keynote #2 – Never Talk To a Stranger

If you loathe attending networking events, trade shows and conferences because you’ll have to start a conversation with a perfect stranger… then this is the keynote for you. Stop being a wallflower and start being a conversational powerhouse that leaves the event with tons of contacts and leads.

Everyone that has to sell or network to grow their business wants to be that person who’s never met a stranger and is comfortable talking to anyone, anywhere at any time. But most of us fail, not because we’re incapable of starting a conversation with a perfect stranger, but because we just don’t know where to start it. Unfortunately, your sales prospects don’t know either, so everyone defaults to the same old boring cliches. Where are you from? What do you do for a living? Come here often?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this keynote, I’ll introduce you to the 3R’s – Reconnaissance, Recording and Relating. Then we’ll explore how they work together to create a Conversation Palette. Armed with these palettes, anyone can go from wallflower to life of the party. I guarantee you will leave feeling more confident in your ability to successfully network both in person and online via social networks.

Here is a small snippet of a similar talk.


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