Why Tourism Brands Should Avoid Hyperlapse Videos in Their Content Marketing

Instagram's new Hyperlapse IOS app is taking the tourism content marketing world by storm. Heck, it's got everyone's attention. Almost overnight (after its release) my Facebook feed switched from a never ending stream of ice bucket challenges to … [Read more...]

How To Find & Win More Group Meeting Sales [Webinar]

Last week at #SoMeT13US, I had the opportunity to share my take on a key tourism sales and marketing strategy that I think all destinations should be deploying immediately. I talked about how DMOs and CVBs could find and win the invisible sales … [Read more...]

First Time Marketing Strategies for Destination Marketing Organizations

  This post is a reprint of a post I wrote after returning from my first overseas trip in 2010 to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, where I conducted a series of social media workshops. If you want to read the entire series (this is the third and final … [Read more...]

Should My Company Be On Instagram or Pinterest?

Should we be on [insert name of new or hot social network here]? This is easily the most common question our digital strategy clients pose to us. Unfortunately, the answer is always the same -- it depends. In the case of popular photo sites … [Read more...]

Mobile First Strategy Keynote For Destination Marketers

Are you struggling with developing your mobile marketing strategy?  If you are, you're not alone. Mobile Strategy Keynote presentations are probably one of the most requested topics I'm receiving lately. Just as marketers have begun to really feel … [Read more...]