Will Speak For Books

I'm super excited to announce we've launched a special keynote speaker offer to support my new book, The Invisible Sale. My goal in writing the book was to deliver at least one great idea, tip or trick in each chapter (that's a $1/idea by the way) … [Read more...]

The Curse of the Expert

You know what's wrong with experts? They don't know what they don't know.... and they're scared to find out. Experts abhor failure. They can't help themselves. If you or I fail at something, it's a setback. But if an expert fails, it's a massive … [Read more...]

Funding Your Tourism Content Marketing Campaign

If there is one thing that binds all marketers together, it's lack of enough marketing budget to properly fund all of your marketing efforts to create an optimum marketing mix. This is especially true for brands and destinations engaged in … [Read more...]

Changing Brand Perception with Twitter

Mardi Gras Twitter Branding Experiment View more presentations from Tom Martin. … [Read more...]

Using Social Media To Get a Job

This morning I had the opportunity to share my thoughts with the AMA Collegiate Conference about how you can leverage social media to aid your job search. I thought it would be helpful to put a copy here (with audio) so that folks in the audience, … [Read more...]