ivs4charity Washington DCWe simply couldn’t have had a better view from the Windows over Washington room at the DoubleTree in Crystal City. Just steps away from the Pentagon, it was the perfect location to raise over $2,000 for The Fisher Houses at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (Bethesda).

And I made a new friend, who will one day, I’m certain write her own book. So I’m looking forward to coming back in about 20 years to her book signing!

So what did we learn?

Just like every other stop on the tour, DC was a learning opportunity.

When we arrived, we headed out to lunch and noticed that there was a Marine Corp Marathon happening this weekend and The DoubleTree was right in the middle of it all.

So after a great lunch, we headed back to the hotel to create a simple poster promoting the event — along with a short URL and a QR Code.

The hotel was nice enough to place the sign at the check-in desk and sure enough, two folks came to the party (after seeing the sign when they checked in) and joined us.

I hadn’t really thought about using hotel signage as a ticket sales tool… but in hindsight, seems like a pretty dumb move on my part not to realize we had a built in audience that we should have been marketing too harder.

So learn from my mistake and when you’re partnering with a location that has an installed traffic base that could be good targets for your charitable event, see if the location will agree to pre-market the event via on site signage.

Talk about a bit of painless prospecting?

Next stop Atlanta — see ya then.