NYC Check PresentationNew York City had us moving on up… to the Penthouse. That’s right, we were on top of the world — or at least on top of the DoubleTree Metropolitan on Lexington Ave. Great views were surpassed only by the great time and a chance to reconnect with old friends, including the Father of PropinquityJim Elms (read the book to get the joke).

Lesson of the day: have someone else cover the event from a social media perspective. I’ve been really bad about taking pics of the tour, live Tweeting, etc.. because I’m so focused on trying to meet everyone, sign books and such.

But as I was talking with host Tim McDonald he explained how it’s become an imperative part of any offline event that includes an online awareness/driver function. I’d also add that it helps to have a photographer in house too — because it’s not always easy to get a great pic with lighting conditions, etc.

So take those two pieces of learning for today… and follow me to our nation’s capital tomorrow.