#ivs4charity Tour Kick-Off at theWit by DoubleTree in Chicago

Sunday’s kick-off was incredible. The DoubleTree folks outdid themselves with food and drink and a space that was simply outstanding. If you’re throwing a party in Chicago — be sure to put the cibo matto at theWit Hotel on your short list. I mean, simply a spectacular space that creates an awesome vibe.
So, here is what happened and more importantly, the lessons I learned.

I got a huge surprise when Matt Ridings showed up. You’re probably wondering why that is a surprise — well Matt lives in St. Louis. So we gave him the prize for longest commute of the night! Seriously, Matt is one of the main reasons The Invisible Sale exists.

Over drinks one night at the LA Blog World Conference he sat me down and gave me the serious talking to I needed. His willingness to care and offer advice that could very well have ticked me off and caused an issue was the kick in the backside I needed to get serious and really focus on the one thing I do better than anyone else (at least in my opinion) — social selling. What’s even more interesting for you dear reader — at the time I think I had actually met Matt two, maybe three times in real life. That goes to show you that contrary to popular belief, you CAN create incredibly strong relationships with Social Media. Remember that and leverage it to grow your network and web of Social Agents.

The outcome of that talk led directly to my getting a lot more serious about my company, my profession and writing a book. So to have him there at the kick-off was incredible.

We also learned a valuable lesson that you should keep in mind if you ever try something crazy like a 10-Day, 10-City tour — DON’T SCHEDULE EVENTS ON WEEKENDS — especially Sunday.

I heard it so many times last night — “it’s just to far to drive in from the burbs on a Sunday” or “if only you were doing this tomorrow night” — so lesson learned. Human nature is that weekends are for family and friends – not for going to an event, no matter who was hosting and what charity was supported.

Keep that in mind and unless you’re scheduling a music or beer fest, make your event a Mon-Thur kind of thing. Learn from my mistake — you’ll be more successful.

Well, that’s today’s inside tip… now off to night 2 in Milwaukee.

Stay Tuned.